Do you kill Giants?

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Maybe you will be confused about my title, believe me, I was too when I thought about it but you will see the story behind it.


Just today I met a kid, a very happy apparently kid, at 5 years old he wasn`t talking, just laughing while we played and saying "yes" a couple of times but in a very low tone and after I asked him pretty please to hear him say something.


He pretends to be a fighter, when he plays he looks up like he is fighting some giants and makes some sounds like he has a weapon to destroy them.


I let him act like he wants, to understand him better ... after a while I started to draw something (something that I understood from his playing).


My draw is about a giant`s foot, trying to destroy a house. He act immediately when he sow it, and put his hands on his ears.



I asked his mother: "Did he had a traumatic moment?"

His mother said: "Yes...he saw his father beating me on the street, I was holding him and his father was pulling me and hurting me, in that moment he started to scream and do just like now...put his hands on the ears."



I remained silent for a couple of seconds, imagining the moment I had to ;.. let`s say meditate on the moment and get back to them, I was empathizing too much.



This kid was transforming his life, he was living in a world full of hate and frustrations from a young age. The giants where the problems appeared in their life, the father, all the moments of arguing that he had to attend to, the moments of the dispute in front of the court, the moments when the father wanted to tear down the door to enter in the house of the grandparents, all these in a tiny human being.


After they left, I thought about our giants ... our fears, our bad dreams, our unresolved issues with different people. If we don`t resolve them, they tend to grow, from a small problem, to a giant one.


The problems, the thoughts are not going away if we stop thinking about them, they grow, and they grow in us, in our soul and mind.


Dont be a fighter, be a solver, resolve the problems at their time cause after some while they will get you in some way. Maybe you will just feel furious suddenly with no reason, maybe you will *like* to stay more in the house but living between 4 walls isnt life, is just a prison, and no one punished you to stay in it.


Take care of your souls!

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