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Looking down her nose
people did seem to appear below her worth
those around not worth her thought
little did they deserve her care
Men and women did not look 'right' to her
they always had a 'fault'
She never had a positive thought,
always, something seemed wrong to her.
Even if she looked at a rose, she saw the thorn at first
and nobody thought it was wrong
until she experienced her first setback
life seemed to go wrong
and nobody pitied her
She looked around
and smirked
even then, she had only 'faults' to declare
A misfit?
or a parenting mistake?

Many people are like this and it is often because people are not guided properly when they were young either by parents or by teachers and other elders.

Mistakes should not be ignored by elders. It doesn't mean that we should punish children or young adults in a harsh manner. Spending time with children and making them realize their mistakes is better than giving them punishment by isolating them in rooms or making them do hard chores. That is cruelty and will not do any good. If on the other hand, elders spend more time with children, they will not feel alienated and will try to make you feel proud.

Educating children is a responsible task that should not be taken lightly.

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