Book Annotation: Becoming A Mexican - American: Ehtnicity, Culture, and Identity

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Good day everyone! Its been a while since i write something. Today i will be sharing to you another book annotation, This time around i will highlight a book that shares on the culture and tradition of Mexico with the influenced of Americans.


University of Michigan’s Associate Professor of History and American Culture, George J. Sanchez crossed geographical borders throughout the United States of America to conduct research in Los Angeles from the first four decades of the 20th Century. The Book as structured into phases, made every chapter detailed, simplified that provides a definite sort of information.

The first phase initialized the factors of the massive movement of Mexican migrations to Northward with a little background of their social, political and economic conditions of their homeland, Mexico. Also, it addressed the impact of the social construction of the borders upon the migrants who crossed it, cultural transformation, and the beliefs and the tradition that the immigrants toward the north brought with them was also examined.

Next, the second phase of the book was about “Divided Loyalties”, the ‘Americanization’ of the Mexican immigrants and how they had formed a ‘new nationalism’ through their Mexican Style in the Los Angeles – the nation’s fifth largest city of the era according to Sanchez. Furthermore, the third phrase focused on the lives of the Mexican immigrant families, their religious adaptations, economic formations and consumption, even music and the growth of mass culture.


Lastly, the book’s final phase discussed the cases of lives of the Mexican workers, the first to feel the effect of the Great Depression. It also described how the rise of the second generation born in the United States had participated political activities that forged a new politics of oppositions; for the improvements of their Mexican – American conditions.


Many studies had concluded that Mexicans has the lowest rates of naturalization for any group of the United States of America in the twentieth century, however the research of Sanchez showed, that his, are much valuable than previously believed. The book was able to supplement the back and forth nature and the complicated pattern of Mexican migration in the 20th century for certain reasons such as the migration restrictions of the US and the ‘Great Depression’. It is possible to argue that Los Angeles known to be, ‘The City of Angels’ provided Mexican immigrants more comfort than any other community in Southwest in shaping a Mexican identity.

Overall Analysis

Moreover, the narrative book of Sanchez had crossed variety of disciplines, indeed! ‘Culture, Ethnicity, and Identity’ the one of the most hotly debated terms in the recent century. People had no difficulty seeing themselves as both Mexican and American, in fact they are aware that they had become bridges between two lands.

Book Source

Sanchez, G. (1993). Becoming A Mexican - American: Ehtnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano, Los Angeles; 1900 - 1945. New York: Oxford University Press.

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