Oh Twitter, you so crazy.😵

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As I mentioned yesterday Twitter has entered a new era and today we are already seeing how people see Twitters future going forward. 😅
Racists, fascists and general trolls returned to twitter or simply uncovered their true colors they were hiding from Twitter censors.


I do not condone their words or support in any way what theyre saying but they are actually doing good work with this.

Twitter is NOT a free speech platform.


These people will very quickly prove that.
Will Elon allow for such speech to remain? I think not. And from there its a slippery slope.

The only way to provide free speech is by not having control over what is said. Elon does have control over what is said, by ignoring it, he is condoning it, which he will not want to do, so therefor Twitter cannot ever provide free speech.
Most of the stuff Ill be sharing here is probably on its way to being deleted from the platform right now. The extreme behavior on Twitter will still be treated the same. As I said in my last post, I find this only as a political change where the leftists lost their guy in charge of what is a large part of the "open forum" online.


Most of these are trolls having fun but its not hard to see that those that actually believe this stuff will slowly be returning as well.

Is that bad?

Personally, i dont think so. Censorship hides the problems freedom of speech is facing online. Letting these people run loose uncovers it again.
It makes the solution fairly clear.
We need a bottom layer that allows for anything and everything being said. A second layer where the community moderates. In a sense where the judgement is made and some consequences suffered that include everything except censorship.
Sounds familiar doesnt it?🤔 #HIVE


Legacy platforms using censorship make martyrs of horrible people. These people then wear the "censored" pin proudly as if it makes them soldiers for freedom, which attracts more audiences to their cause.
When speech is truly free, all they have is their craziness exposed for all to see.


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When speech is truly free, all they have is their craziness exposed for all to see.

I remember one of those, the account had a bot set up to reply to pretty much every Hive post ever made!

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I know who you mean. Dude was completely nuts. I muted him and forgot he existed. My mute list is fairly short.

If only there was a way to mitigate that and let them waste their last resource credits on their spam while they never earn any more. :p

If there was only a platform that did that.

Beyond that though, I am indeed interested to see what he has in store for the platform. I don't think he'll condone that type of stuff but I do think that he might allow a more balanced option than was previously the case. I'll be watching.

Yeah, trolls are an immune system of the Internet.

... or something. lol

There has been a lot of debate recently over what percentage of twitter users are actually Spam Bots. I am curious how many of these trolls are even human.

And they won't tire themselves out because half of them are bots.

A lot of things to think about in this post that I hadn't considered before.