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Hello to all,

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Here are the results of last week's competitions:

Competition Clicks

UsernameNumber of clicksEarnings
morzex88 clics1000 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
elrey900675 clics750 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
kashithegamer1871 clics500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
willsaldeno69 clics250 nugget(s)
Microft51 clics50 nugget(s)
godfish51 clics50 nugget(s)

Competition Activities

UsernameTotal durationEarnings
willsaldeno37030 minutes1000 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
kashithegamer1822416 minutes750 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
thehive20280 minutes500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
cryptobandito19493 minutes250 nugget(s)
cryptoyzzy16200 minutes100 nugget(s)

Competition Gems

UsernameGems spentEarnings
willsaldeno336 gems68 gem(s)
kashithegamer18189 gems24 gem(s)
cryptobandito189 gems24 gem(s)
thehive93 gems4 gem(s)
morzex93 gems4 gem(s)

Competition Weight

UsernameWeight gainedEarnings
willsaldeno370.1Kg1000 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
thehive285.6Kg750 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
kashithegamer18143.9Kg500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
dechuck137.4Kg250 nugget(s)
cryptoyzzy114.1Kg100 nugget(s)

Congratulations to all the winners

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