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Hello to all,

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Here are the results of last week's competitions:

Competition Weight

UsernameWeight gainedEarnings
dechuck147Kg1000 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
tatox2051.2Kg750 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
Skorillo44.4Kg500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
middle-earthling40.1Kg250 nugget(s)
ian13.1Kg100 nugget(s)

Competition Clicks

UsernameNumber of clicksEarnings
Skorillo44 clics1000 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
dechuck43 clics750 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
tatox2018 clics500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
nex71113 clics250 nugget(s)
bokica808 clics100 nugget(s)

Competition Activities

UsernameTotal durationEarnings
dechuck16136 minutes1000 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
Skorillo11437 minutes750 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
pedrobrito20048475 minutes500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
tatox207932 minutes250 nugget(s)
bokica806840 minutes100 nugget(s)

Competition Gems

UsernameGems spentEarnings
dechuck66 gems14 gem(s)
nex71160 gems9 gem(s)
Skorillo15 gems2 gem(s)
Enterprise1911 gems1 gem(s)
rickmniebla11 gems1 gem(s)

Congratulations to all the winners

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