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Hello to all,

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Here are the results of last week's competitions:

Competition Weight

UsernameWeight gainedEarnings
thehive306.2Kg1000 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
dechuck224.8Kg750 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
gameexp142.4Kg500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
elrey9006114.6Kg250 nugget(s)
cryptoyzzy91.2Kg100 nugget(s)

Competition Activities

UsernameTotal durationEarnings
thehive29075 minutes1000 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
dechuck24927 minutes750 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
cryptobandito20262 minutes500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
elrey900618670 minutes250 nugget(s)
willsaldeno17294 minutes100 nugget(s)

Competition Gems

UsernameGems spentEarnings
thehive263 gems53 gem(s)
dechuck187 gems29 gem(s)
cryptobandito111 gems12 gem(s)
elrey900694 gems5 gem(s)
cryptoyzzy84 gems2 gem(s)

Competition Clicks

UsernameNumber of clicksEarnings
dechuck65 clics1000 nugget(s) + 10 gem(s)
MILIFL0261 clics750 nugget(s) + 5 gem(s)
elrey900658 clics500 nugget(s) + 2 gem(s)
portoo8153 clics250 nugget(s)
Skorillo43 clics100 nugget(s)

Congratulations to all the winners

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