The Road Trip Begins: Rain, Rain and More Rain

Well, pouring rain, close to zero temperatures and a Victorian road trip wasn't on the list for 2020, but we are grateful to be away at last. Of course I will be writing more detailed posts for @pinmapple before @livinginuktaiwan slaps me with a map, but for now it's just a quick update whilst we have lunch in town. Reception is pretty scatty in the countryside, so whilst I feel weird being away from HIVE, I won't be able to comment or post much.


Buttercup has worked perfectly and the set up is grand. Though it's been very cold we have a great portable fire (Will do a review post on this soon) and the awning, so we have stayed dry.

The wildflowers are out and the countryside is beautiful. It's great to not have any jobs to do but cook food and watch birds. There's no one about so we don't even bother with masks. Today we are headed up to the Wimmera area as its a good day to drive with all this rain!



I'm writing this post in the notes section of my phone ready to cut and paste when I get some bars of service on the drive. We are averaging about 87 kmph with all the gear on the roof but it's nice taking it slow. Yesterday I nearly read a whole book by the fire sipping Stones Ginger wine. I haven't read much in ages, so I kinda felt like I was in heaven!


Hope you enjoy these few photos I was able to load for you, and hope your weekend is awesome, wherever you are!






Thanks for sharing this awesome pics, Happy weekend

That’s awesome glad you got time to read a nice book! That’s some great relaxation for me. Whatever the weather throws at you, it is great being out and free on your trip! Enjoy, we will all be here when you are back!

How wonderful to see this, it's like breathing a lot of peace. enjoy every moment 💚 this is beautiful

I did enjoy the pictures. God australia is beautiful. Reading fireside without a care in the world sounds fantastic. I love to read a book while sipping beer slow cooking food on a woodfire. What you guys are doing sounds so decompressing.

When we camp out we hike, kayak and do all sorts of more active stuff, but there's a certain enjoyment from a cold day, fire crackling and a good book; We always make sure to do that. Board games too. :)

Man we'd get along great! Now i wanna go camping snd sit around a fire just relaxing. Anything more relaxing than a warm crackling fire. Maybe the sound of rain or the ocean surf

Anything more relaxing than a warm crackling fire. Maybe the sound of rain or the ocean surf

The sound of a warm crackling fire at the beach! Lol.

I love me a good camp out, fortunately Faith does too. I do it a little more basically when I'm by myself, hunting and shooting events and stuff, but Faith is happy to come along and is pretty helpful out there. I'm the fire-master though. Lol.

Are you like me where you try and figure the most scientific way to stack the wood and kindling to produce the best fire?

Lol...You know it! I have a self-appointed PhD in fire.

You man. You fire.

Shut up!
Just kidding; I'm kinda jealous!

It looks like a decent little camping spot, and I can see you're on the hunt for fire wood which you'll need.

I hope you enjoy yourselves. Have a read. poke the fire a bit and relax!

Tons and tons of firewood in that spot! We loaded some into car for next part. Headed up towards Murray now.. out of the rain.

Oh hello, didn't expect you'd have cell coverage. Love me a bit-o-Murray. :)

This cold snap isn't the best, but snuggling beside the campfire is the ticket - Enjoy!

Looks like a great spot to embrace the heavens for a while. Thanks for sharing a little more of the beauty of the world in days where the world is a bit less traveled!

Yeah you're right sometimes it's often relishing to to do nothing and well just watch those birds and all skiing by. So the rainfall is it totally constant? Because over here it's rain every 12 hours

Close to zero? That's kind of fresh... but I guess you're barely into spring, just like we're barely into fall up here in the northern half.

Looks like a nice spot to be out and about, though. Taking technology breaks is good for the soul...

Aaaanndd she's off! Lovely photos, and I'm glad the fire kept you warm. Raw early spring days aren't fun if you are cold.

Lovely! Enjoy the cold and the rain. I'm so glad that beautiful vehicle is working well. Buttercup she's called? I'm sure there's a story behind it I may have missed. Anyhow, I wish I could send this post of yours back in time... to you earlier this year, caught between wildfires and Covid quarantine. I'm so glad to see you're back to living life. Enjoy your trip!

Though it's been very cold we have a great portable fire (Will do a review post on this soon) and the awning, so we have stayed dry.

Portable fire sounds like magic
and 'the awning' sounds like a mythical creature ;<)

Rain and cold aside, this sure sounds pretty heavenly.

Enjoy your much deserved time off!

Big 🤗

A quick update is often more of an enjoyable read in my humble opinion😎 (Easier on the eyes, the mind and time expenditure...)

A magical place for internal and external meetings. Calm and beauty, enjoy it so much that I delight in your words and photos

What I wouldn't give to see nature again. It's so beautiful. I fear I may never have that experience again with the restraints getting tighter.


That old Rover looks prime and ready for a lovely road-trip! Added bonus points for the spare tyre placed conveniently on the bonnet, for optimal vintage goodness <3

Looks like you're having a magically blissful time - yay!

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Finally getting away on your trip - marvelous! Nice set up!

The landscape is so different than what I am accustum too with totally different varieties of flowers - beautiful shots!

Have a wonderful trip - looking forward to seeing more photos!

Beautiful pics. They transport me back to when I lived down under. I visited a few times since, but the last time is entirely too long ago 🙂

I hope you make it back one day. Where did you live? Where do you live now?

Me, too! I lived for three years in the northwest of Melbourne. My best friend who I used to share a house with in Melbourne is currently living in Shepparton. When we visited her a few years ago we went on day trips e.g. to Echuca - that's why your Murray pics looked so familiar. I'm definitely overdue for a visit. But it won't happen any time soon. These days I'm living on the Eastcoast of the US.