Interplanetary greatness? … Not young woman, she is alone a WOMAN

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Since women we have been labeled by the beauty, the tenderness, the love and for ended by the maternity; it has been a few characteristics for that simply we do not look but for that our environment indicates us that we must possess. But I make myself the following questioning one, at some time they have asked us if actually in us the maternal "instinct" is or if actually we can develop as such, one has asked the company that we feel as women when they us qualify that for an age we should already be mothers, alone chance we are for it in this world; well that the response according to the religion is that we are the channel for the multiplication of the man, since, it is easy to create a human being across the in vitro fertilization where they fertilize an ovum with the sperm.

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Nevertheless, the science still has not created an ovum, that is to say, alone the woman has the aptitude to produce them, as only the man it can produce sperms, in addition an abdomen is needed for his gestation. My mystery returns to be generated, they have asked us how we feel being women and that understands that we are going to be a mother. You have asked you what feels a woman who will not be able to be a mother because there exists a physical condition that it one prevents, whereas the entire world thinks that this already is predestined in her.

Now then, every woman keeps silent in his being about the deepest feeling of pain when a specialist him informs that it will never be able to develop the maternity for yes same, due to the fact that, there exist physical facts that do not allow his reproduction; one finds a series of emotions, because from girl they have given us a "baby" to play at being his mom but now it it will not be able to be in the adulthood. Some of them simply do not consider the magnitude of that news and initiate an adventure to expire with the paradigm that they have imposed. Nevertheless others look for easy solutions and decide not to interfere any more in this "matter", devoting itself to the profession or to the materialism that surrounds them.

Allow me to impress your life with this reflection, the being woman goes much more of being a mother for a being to go in your interior, the being woman is to stimulate to a crowd or a company to standing out of the normal thing, being a woman is to continue and to impress the environment. To be a woman is that every man sighs for a beauty that happens in his to walk, to be a woman is to be able to change the end of a story.

To be a woman is to be able to change specialists' judgments that lead we to standing out of this world, since, it has been necessary that scientific work his neurons to our favor, looking for the development of technologies that helps to the human conception. Producing deep link in the science and the woman.

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