Russia has banned anime

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We have a saying in Poland, "Russia is a state of mind" and once again it fits perfectly with the news that we receive from this country. It is even stranger to me that I could mention more brutal anime (eg "Higurashi no naku koro ni", "Perfect Blue" or "Paranoia Agent"), which were popular in Russia, and they chose "Death Note" XD, "Tokyo Ghoul" (which has a highly censored animated version) and "Inuyashiki". I do not know the latter, i.e. I have heard the title, but I do not know exactly what it is about. According to Wikipedia, it's a body horror movie, so if it actually has violent scenes, I can understand it somehow.

And no, wait, but I can't. Especially when we are talking about a country like Russia. A country that is the source of a lot of the fucked-up videos we can watch on sites like YouTube, only gore videos. Brutal murders, funny on the one hand and tragic suicides on the other, crocodile drug (a drug that makes the skin rot and you have to cut off limbs with a saw), wealthy oligarchs who make the law themselves, and many other bad things. Of course, such actions happen in any country, but in Russia, due to poverty, harsh conditions, the number of people and several other factors, it happens more often. While living in the UK, I heard from one Ukrainian living in the east of the country that if you live in poverty in Ukraine or Russia, do not have a useful education that would ensure a stable job, it is better to go west, even if you are poor and homeless for several months. He also confirmed that many prettier women from poor homes often prostitute themselves in order to earn a ticket, go west and return to their homeland only for holidays. From what he said, they don't have a lot of choice - if they're lucky, they'll stick to some rich chad who might give them a good life, but they often like to change their girls for younger ones (so the best years of life are wasted). If they are unlucky, they will find a guy who drinks every week and if a woman protests, he will get a headache (that's why Russian women living in Siberia are more likely to marry Chinese - they drink less, bring more money home). Going abroad to Germany or England is the best solution for them. Especially that Poland is a good alternative for them (several times higher wages, security), let alone Western Europe, where we feel more or less like Russians or Ukrainians in Poland. I will end this paragraph with one more quote, this one is true from a few decades ago, when it was really bad, but today it also accurately reflects the local reality - "Russia is a country where you are the king of life one day and you lie waist deep in shit the next." Some Russian historian or other educated man I was listening to on YouTube said that.

I know, I outlined it quite briefly, but I just wanted to present the conditions prevailing there. As for the case itself, yes, cartoons influence violent behavior among children and, to some extent, tame them with violence. This is not a big impact, at least according to research I saw a few years ago, but there is a correlation between seeing violence in cartoons and increasing aggression among children. At the end of the text, I threw some research links. I haven't read them thoroughly because I don't have time to read so much text, but I have looked at them and they seem to be quite a substantive source of knowledge (if I'm wrong, sorry). In my opinion, censorship is an exaggerated action, because people have always been cruel and capable of brutal acts. Anime, cartoons, computer games are only a few decades old and it's not that with their advent, people started to be brutal. In the past, there were no above-mentioned sources of entertainment and it was not much better. At best, such behaviors were more often the domain of groups that today we would define as pathological and less often displayed by children brought up in normal conditions. It is similar with too much sexualization these days. Contrary to what the right-wing and conservative manipulators say, the sexual revolution did not change human behavior.

Yes, through the development of contraception, more people love outside of wedlock, but it's not like it just happened overnight. In the history we know, mankind has had different eras, and various sexual orgies or loose interpersonal relationships were not only the domain of primitive cultures (one of my favorite examples, read why Warsaw was called "the Paris of the East" - also because we had the best boys who are in the Twinks category on adult video sites today). It's the same with brutality - it's been there before, and people have often seen much worse things with their own eyes than on television or the cinema. Such anime passages do not have such an effect on normal people, at best on those with or without a psychological or psychiatric problem. I can understand the censorship of cigarettes in the anime (Shikamaru from "Naruto Shippuuden" or Sanji from "One Piece" in the US version) sooner, because it is actually shown in the comics as something that is cool and adds estimation. When it comes to censoring martial arts shounen or gore series, I still don't understand it, although psychologists know better. Which does not mean that you should always listen to them, because then we have such bizarre situations as almost no blood in DBS (except for 1, maybe 2 scenes), or censorship that spoils the anime atmosphere (brutal scenes from "Naruto" or "One Pieces "that serve something or DBZ in the Polish version, from which, for example, Nail, whose hand was removed by Freezer). Such fairy tales are intended for young teens who are already aware enough that they should know that such punches or brutality are fiction. Not for young children, especially sick people who are still too inexperienced or ignorant and do not understand the difference between fiction and reality.

Will it somehow affect the M&A world? Probably not. At most, there will be a problem with the servers, which will affect our colleagues from the east the most. Alternatively, we may lose some of the old anime, which are becoming more and more difficult to download from the web every year. We would feel it more if such a hearing took place in Spain, where many of the translated episodes or chapters of the manga come from (or were from, because I don't know how current it is). Nevertheless, I feel sorry for the Russians and I hope they will not feel it too much.