I could have you and with your hug calm the cold... | Reality of life | Forbidden love | Original Poetry by @nachomolina | (ENG)

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I could have you!

I could have you and with your hug calm the cold!
That look caged the secret of a broken heart.
It was easy to approach, drink the nectar;
Difficult, to leave unharmed, from the corrupted flame...

I noticed how far I was, how incomprehensible,
With cyclic thinking and her labyrinth mind;
I discovered how impossible to become your lover,
With so many bets on the table and millions of men rummaging under the dress

I could have you and with your hug calm the cold;
I thought, I was the only one and I wasn't even the last minstrel...

We talked for hours, but everything was cunningly hidden,

Without revelations, I told myself;

“To know about you is to look at the sharp eye,
Hear the sleepy tongue pronounce the stunned”

I had to bear to guess his silhouette
Blurred between strobes,
Dragged over the greens,
Covering the nipples with salt...

The next day, I stopped at the hospice door
In search of some leftovers;
And I saw the blackened eyes turned to nothing, escaping the light,
Wanting to get out of the stunned hell

I could have you and with your hug calm the cold!
Do not pretend, when your brightness prolongs the nights in the taverns,
When the eyes pierce your flesh and my look hides in the darkest corner

The purple tablecloth will be your dress again
And soon it will be engulfed in flames,
Because your home will become your ruin and freedom,
When day and night are the same place, where never...

I could have you and with your hug calm the cold!

Original Poetry

I hope you enjoyed reading
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Original content, also published some time ago on the WeKu social media platform: link


I love the repetition of the line 'I could have you and with your hug calm the cold' - and the line about nipples and salt! There's much of this poem that's a mystery, but some really stand out lines that resonate. The speaker is clearly full of desire but unable to enact it - he sounds quite threatening at times too, and desperate. I like the way these emotions come out in the poetry.

Brother, thank you very much!
I am glad you liked my work, because of the way you have described it I see that you have reviewed it very well.
That is very encouraging for me!
I will continue to search for a new phrase, a new theme. People like you manage to motivate users in a great way!
From now on, I will follow your user to visit your blog in the same way ...

Thanks. Im a sister ;p

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