From Table Salt to SeaSalt

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Why not table salt?

Table salt is bad for your health. It is widely known that table salt is not recommended for people with bad blood pressure or water retention.

Why seasalt?

Seasalt contains many additional minerals that complement sodium and chlorine in a healthy alternative.

Which one is the best seasalt?

The best seasalt is the one you can obtain yourself, evaporating seawater. It is the best because you control how it is done.

No additional components are necessary. Popular brands may add something else to give their customers a reason to choose them instead of others.
Himalayan salt is also popular. If realy from the Himalaya, it is very expensive. Otherwise, it is fake. Either way, we don't know how good it is for our health.

How healthy is seasalt?

See for yourself...

During my travels (or when I cannot get seawater) I dilute one tablespoon of seasalt in one litter of water. I drink one or two of those a day, depending on how active I am.

Why am I telling you this?

For the last ten years I have been drinking seawater almost everyday to be healthy without the need of any medicine or food supplement. And for the last five years I am learning from my 91 years mentor, Dr. Angel Gracia, while helping him with his online courses, and weekly videos.

Yes, 91 years old and full of energy. A living example of the health culture he promotes in Spanish thru his books, courses and weekly presentations.

An increasing number of people with limited understanding of Spanish are asking for this type of information. But we have been censored so many times, that every new initiative is a gambling challenge. So here it is on the Web3, testing our freedom of expresion.

What is next?

It is up to you. But if you have any question, recommendation, or just to show your support, please write a comment.

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