Another CapCut edit! 👍

in #entropia2 months ago

Hello my dear bloggers! Today I’m sharing ANOTHER CapCut edit I’ve made! This one I did make today, this was a remake of an VERY old edit. I have not been writing much these last months so I don’t rlly think I’ve got much better tbh. 😍 Still, I’d no estoy rate this a.. 8/10 cause it’s good but it’s just not that good. 😇 Hoowever ! Enjoy ❤️☺️



(There is proOf I made it today bc why not🙄)


Today I tried something different, I made a intro! (Not like a overlay, just with text) and it ended up looking real good ngl 👍 Hope you guys liked it! If you read this, how much would you rate it from 1 to 10 ? Anyways, Have a nice day 😀💕 Z u soon!! 👍