Little(dumb) drawing šŸ˜Ž

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Helloo my dear bloggers! Today I'm sharing this post about a new drawing I've made, at first I wanted to do a drawing of my avatar, so I used a screenshot of my avatar while I was playing to use as base for all the color palette and accesories! But as I thought more I started to find it funny, so I thought, Why not making a drawing that's the literal same? (not really but I dont remember what I really said lol) So, I started making the outlines and then filling the blank spaces with different shades, I bet that this drawing will look the literal same if it was in black & white because I didn't use any color LOL However, hope you enjoy!

As you may know (if u read the first part), I used a screenshot of my avatar for the drawing, wich ended up looking like a dumb meme. Here is the screenshot I took:


At this moment I was playing in my phone so dont mind the spanish comment I've made. (It says 'Enjoy 3', but I was actually meant to say 'Enjoy :3' wich made me giggle).

However, here is the art piece I've made out of this dumb screenshot. Take a seat, lay back, cause' you're bout' to see the BEST DRAWING EVER!


I'm sorry if I made your eyes explode of so much perfection. However, if you like this drawing you better leave me a vote! (jk, but pls leave a vote šŸ˜¢šŸ¤‘) I liked how gorgeous(dumb, goofy) it ended up looking like! šŸ„° Hope you guys liked it as much as I do! (I don't like it so I don't really hope that)

Have a nice weekend! xoxo