New adopt me update! (26/01/2022)

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Hello my dear bloggers! Today I’m sharing this post about this new update of adopt me! This was released today, 26 January 2022. Enjoy

What this update contains:

🧱 Post-Apocalyptic Bunker! 🧱

💥 Post-Apocalyptic furniture pack!

🏚️ New house: Bunker!

☣ New premium vehicle: Toxic Barrel!

(I took this information from the description of the game)

What was removed after this update:

Lunar new year stand

All the lunar new year accessories

All the lunar new year toys

All the rabbits. (Amami rabbit, moon rabbit and water rabbit)

Moon bear box

Winged Tiger

Crecent moon car

(I took this information by myself 😤)

Many people think this update is bad, But I’m happy that the new house was super cheap! (750 bucks) And the new car is only 125-150 robux(I dont really remember 😭) I liked this update a lot! Very creative but not much to do, however, the house space is kind of big to be a 750 bucks house. When I first found out of this update I thought of 60 seconds 😭(game)

I’m also sorry I forgot to post about the lunar new year update 😢 I was kind of busy grinding for the pets and stuff 😅

Hope this helped! Have a nice day💕