The Blockchain Normie - A rewarding newsletter that makes blockchain news within grasp.

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Hello readers!

I got something very special for you today: an email newsletter that rewards you tokens for reading!

The Blockchain Normie Newsletter breaks down complex blockchain stories to understandable quick-takes for the intelligent average person.

In it, It'll also list different community events where you'll be able to participate earn tokens without spending a dim.

It is hands-down the best way to get involved with Token communities.

So click on the link down below and get involved today!

Beta Disclaimer - Only EOS account holders will be eligible for rewards during the beta launch. Token amount will vary.


What's up? No more EOS Meetups then?

yep, definitely more to come! Just got my hands full launching!

You need to do a presentation at Block Cafe one of these days!

yeah you bet I will