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When you are least expected, Chelsea are losing like rain.
And Now Tottenham, Manchester Utd are coming from behind
to form the top four in December.
This is what we call momentum.
Usually it carries a team for a while when they feel it at the right time.

From the the past five match day, you can see a different Chelsea.
They are losing and lack of confidence and mistake in the back line.
Maybe they are tired from Wednesday match.
Yes they won against Aston Villa but lost today.
It could be an easy match if you withdraw all the defensives issues.

In the same token, Manchester Utd. have not lost the last five matches.
Two draw and three wins.
They are in fifth place with 24 points right behind Chelsea.
Chelsea needs to start winning again to give itself a buffer.
So far it is 5 difference.
It is a long season.
Rashford is back and the team is playing to save their coach job.
Beating Tottenham, Manchester City in one week is a statement
worth mentioning.

Chelsea got their teeth shaved to go back to winning again.
Ban just lifted so the team should be free to push and ready for more
good players next year.
the next matches are


Chelsea should get 12 points from these matches.
The conditioning of the players are the most important
less training and hopefully experience will kicks in to favor
the wins.
Before then one UEFA match against Lille.
Definitely load management should help Chelsea
to get through this.
Apparently 3 out 4 should be easy.
I am saying, I just cannot sign on it.

This is the time of the year you will see
a team true ranking.
Playing with adversity and grit to win games.
It is a long season and we have to go through 21 match days.
Stay tuned!


Chelsea current situation is somehow disappointing, they could not win any Big Teams yet they failed on beat the small teams. So sad! Could you believe in the last four meetings against Everton Chelsea has not won a single Match. Hopefully they can hit the transfer market in January to put things in other before it gets late. But Lampard has really done a great job so far.

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I was expecting a run in December but different story.
We will see how they finish the year so far.

This December will not be easy with all this fixtures ahead of Chelsea, but I hope they see it through.

Last loss to Everton was really unexpected, Chelsa was at 4 in the standing table and got defeated from a team Everton, which has a record of very bad performance this session.

Though still Chelsa has a good chance now, But I feel match against Spur is going to be a difficult one for sure. In the rest 3 matches they have to grab as much points as possible.