Epstein 'Received' 12 Year Old Girls for a Birthday, Preferential Treatment at Prison, and Leaves Behind $600 Million Trust

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The media has been paying more attention to Epstein in the past week since his death. Some new information has come forth about his treatment in prison, and more pedophile behavior he did in the past.


The most egregious is the news of receiving 3 12-year-old girls as a birthday "girft" from France one year. A frequent guest of his pedo island resort, Jean-Luc Brunel, sent him 3 poor girls that the parents sold off.

Epstein bragged to another sex trafficking / sex slave victim, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, about his time with the girls. Epstein told her the girls massaged him and did oral sex acts before being flown back to France the next day.

And while in prison, he apparently had special treatment. There is a room that prisoners get yo use with their lawyers. They get locked in with their lawyers to have private talks. Usually around 15 minutes at a time. Their handcuffs are removed while in the room, and then put back on before hte door is unlocked.

But Epstein was using the room for hours on end. This is a shared space for all inmates to use. This meant other inmates and their lawyers were waiting to get access to talk to their clients.

Additionally, on at least one occasion, as reported by a lawyer anonymously, Epstein was locked into the room with a pretty young woman dressed in "Sunday brunch attire". Apparently it was only to keep him company though, as he was paying his lawyers hours to stay int he room as well,simply to avoid being in his cell.

News also came out that Epstein had signed his will 2 days before dying, putting nearly $600 million into a trust he created called "The 1953 Trust", based onhis year of birth.

Among his assets are $18 million more than he previously declared to the courts when attempting to secure bail. He had $56 million in cash alone.

Other notable items are his pedo island of Little St James Island worth $63 million, and boats, automobiles and planes worth around $18. There are many arts antiquities that have yet to be appraised.

Victims may not get to stick it to Epstein, but they are planning on suing his estate to get damages paid. Hopefully his assets will go down to $0 left after all the lawsuits.



Pretty disturbing additions, but sadly not surprising given his nature.

In a previous post, I had actually predicted his assassination.

Yesterday, I created a new post to reveal the ever-so-expanding-list-of-sick-shit to Epstein's repertoire:

Bill Clinton painting found in Epstein's NY mansion a veiled death threat to Trump - says former CIA officer




Please have a look if you have the time and also find out how Obama fits into this depraved occultic/Satanic agenda.


Peace my friend.

Yeah, weird shit in the elite circle, occulted info and devious behavior.

The tip of the iceberg has just started to expose itself, with a mountain of other sick puppies waiting , hopefully in terror, for the other shoe to drop.
His supposed suicide may delay the forth coming horrific events, but over time the other perverts involved, will come out.

Exactly!!! The darkness can’t hide from the Light!! They can’t hide for long! I’ve been telling people about this for years and they looked at me like I was some sort of crazed lunatic... wait.... ummm :wink:wink

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I hope you're right!

I am so hoping that we can start taking these pedophileSOBs down. A good place to start would be Jean Luc

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Yeah, he should be investigated, more victims where he is concerned.

I’m telling you... this is like some episode from the show “The Blacklist” once I watched the first 2 episodes I just knew that the crap they were showing was really happening. My question is... is this sicko even... dead??? They are all stuck on how he died but is he really dead???

600 million.... that doesn’t even cover the type of damages this sick pervert has done to countless children. He will be judged in the end.

I really hope this nasty, rotten can of worms finally gets opened and these poor innocent children can at least get some sort of justice.

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Good show ;) I hope more comes out for sure.

I really hope the victims would get everything.

The ultra-rich perverts of the world should all rot in hell.

Yup, they deserve it all and more.

With the knowledge of his will and preferential treatment there's definitely Something Fishy that was going on. A will 2 days before his death what's up with that

It smells indeed.

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