The Only Journey of Elpis - Flashbacks

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The Only Journey of Elpis


A chill ran through his spine, and the hairs on his body stood up, what the hell was going on, what was this, where was it, his mind became dull in the face of so many questions, he leaned back on that window that showed him that beautiful but chilling scene.

That was not Titan, that was not the Sun, and this hallway was no place he knew, how did he end up in this sort of hospital, and where was this hospital, in which he had been confined without his consent?

With difficulty he recovered his composure, felt that he was about to faint, stood up again, and decided to continue walking down that aisle to try to get answers to his questions.

There seemed to be no end or fork, only an infinite pipeline with door after door to the right and left. As he ran strange images came to his mind; the hydrocarbon lakes of Titan, Robert, Paul and Marcela, with their usual arguments for nonsense, aboard a bugui of sand, as they advanced along the plains near the mines, an intense smell of alcohol next to the blurred image of people coming and going, diffuse faces looking at him as they murmured words he could not understand.

His clumsy feet stumbled against each other and he fell sharply to the ground, hitting his face with the unpolluted tiles, which seemed never to have been stepped on by anyone. He crawled to see how his pristine white color was stained with drops of blood falling from his now broken nose.

For a moment he stood on his hands and knees watching that little pool of crimson liquid that kept falling on a fine thread from his face grow. Then a new memory struck his mind; they dragged him down the slope of one of the dunes of the plain, as he moved his bloody hands in front of him, Paul went to his side telling him something he could not understand, he saw downwards and a long black object seemed to come out of his chest.

He stood up and ran his hand over his face and then gazed at it for a few seconds, pale and at the same time stained with blood, halo his robe to look at his chest and there it was, a huge amorphous scar adorned his thinned right pectoral, suddenly he felt his legs faltering and fell back to the ground and his mind went black.

Original text of @amart29 Barcelona, Venezuela, July 2019

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This story was originally published on my Weku blog.

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Como siempre, una estupenda historia en el género que tanto dominas y en el que eres uno de los mejores, @amart29. Apoyado en #toptres.