An icy day

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Most of the central US is getting slammed with some nasty winter weather. Everything here is covered with ice and the forecast is predicting it will soon begin snowing.

The bird feeders are decorated with icicles.





It is really pretty, but I am starting to hear tree branches breaking under the weight of the ice. All of the wires in the neighborhood are underground, and I'm hoping there is no damage to the main wires coming cross country from the power stations.





School was canceled again today. Winter is really showing off!

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Every time you post your winter gets even more impressive!

Just when I am certain the worst is over!

Brrr. This looks very cold but so beautiful.
I enjoy looking at the winter beauty, but to tell you the truth I don't miss it a bit especially when it is this cold.
Great shots, my friend.

Count your blessings! And post lots of pictures of your beautiful green landscapes for me so that I can make it through this!

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Those sure are some pretty photographs, pretty
darn cold and slippery looking! Know that car
look, that's the look of yep let's stay home today! lol
The Cardinal even appears to have icicles on his beak.
Those bird feeders are a trip! The sound of ice is also!
Sure makes for interesting photos!! :-)

Lovely photographs @melinda010100. I've never experienced ice like that. It looks very beautiful but I wouldn't enjoy the cold.

What a wonderful contrast with the red of the bird. I hope the snow is pretty and not unpleasant for you. 😊

Hey Gillian! It's always good to hear from you. Ice storms like this are not very frequent here, thank goodness. They can be very damaging. I'm planning on having a house full of people this weekend and right now I'm just hopeful that the weather will not prevent anyone from being able to get here. Other than that I'm enjoying watching winter of the window! It has been a pretty dramatic on this year!.

I've seen information about ice storms on the tele but, as I mentioned, I've never actually seen one.

I hope it doesn't interfere with your weekend arrangements. February is always a tricky month for that. Even here.

I'm going to Devon next week and when I booked I was mindful that the weather might make it difficult to get to but fingers crossed we'll be fine.

Have fun with your house full of people. 😁

One cancelation from my best friend and her family, who live for hours further north. She said her car is buried so deep that it will take days to get it dug out from the kids and grandkids will all be here, but there is another snow storm arriving on Sunday so I'm already afraid that they are going to have to cut the visit short.

Aw. That's a shame. Maybe the next storm will shift to Monday @melinda010100.

Have fun together. 😍

Thanks! The plan is to make Valentines Day cookies today. Except for my friend who lives much further North and plans on spending the day getting her car dugout from the snow piles, everyone else plans on being here today.

Bridfeeder looks like a windchime :)

Ha! I haven't filled that one because the squirrels have it empty within an hour of me filling it. The wind has really picked up out there tonight and every once in a while I can hear ice hitting the windows and it sounds like wind chimes out there!

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Brrr that looks so cold but made for some awesome shots, I am glad your powerlines are underground

They say tomorrow is supposed to be bitter cold and sunny, and I'm rather hopeful that some of the ice will still be out there and we'll make better photos with some sunshine on it. But the way the wind is blowing out there tonight I wonder how much will still be there tomorrow. I am glad they got our services all buried this summer. We used to lose everything every time the wind blew!

Ohh yeah the sunlight through the ice will make for amazing shots lets hope the wind has not knocked it all away

I'll be anxious to see what it looks like out there by morning!

Well be safe out there, I hear rain falling here, some are talking of snow on Tuesday but I wouldnt be surprised if we dont get any it has been predicted so many times and never eventuated

Wow. Beautiful icy pictures - especially the feeder and the icy branches. Awesome. I am sure it is all very nice from afar, but not to be there in the cold.

Wow! These are outstanding shots Melinda. Especially those with red Cardinal. I bough a new camera, so soon as my hands will be all good to go, I am going on birth hunt, lol. Cardinals are on the top of my list.

It seems that it is very cold. But these photos are really beautiful...😍

Winter is showing us all of its tricks!

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Howdy Melinda! That's the ONLY thing the ice is good for, great photos! Well done.

Thanks! It is so cold out that everything is still covered in ice. When the wind blows particularly hard you can hear some of it falling off the tree branches and when it hits the side of the house it sounds like someone is throwing wind chimes at me!

oh that sound of wind chimes being thrown at you a good one? lol..probably not. I thought it was supposed to warm up? Oh, just enough to form ice everywhere huh?

Looks like snow on Sunday. And on Monday. And on Tuesday! But you are right! - 5°tonight and then warming up into the 20's when it snows!

Yikes. Well you thought it might be a long winter. the grass is starting to turn green and grow here.

We won't have to begin thinking about mowing until at least May!

that's very true and then you just relax and let the mowing crew handle it, not bad!

Oh my, that poor cardinal hiding under the little roof with the icicles!

Usually they just fly to the feeder and grab a seed and take it back to a branch on the tree to eat it. This guy got under the roof and stayed there for 10 minutes or so. I think it gave him a little protection from the rain and drizzle that was coming down and he just enjoyed a nice lunch. They need to make little solar warming houses that we can hang out in the trees for these guys.

It's really a terrific photo because it has a lot of emotional impact... poor little cardinal :-(

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OMG..Now i see why you needed a extra box of heat but they are awesome photos :)

Love your icy bird feeders and houses. Great catch on the Cardinal.

Thanks @jacey.boldart! We got a touch of sunshine yesterday that caused a lot of the ice to slip off where it shattered on the ground. Today we're getting a little bit of snow but they're talking about it changing to freezing rain before the night is over. I had a date set tomorrow for several of my cousins to come over for lunch, and they have all been calling all day to cancel. We are all getting very tired of icy roads.

No matter how true that it is beautiful, it sure doesn't take much time to become a nuisance. :)

Nice shots! It's really pretty when ice coats everything, like that.

We still have a layer of ice under the snow that's been falling. Three snowstorms have dropped 5+ inches over the last couple weeks and another "significant accumulation" is on the way...

We got a little bit of snow today and the possibility of freezing rain tomorrow and then a winter storm watch with possibly five in on Monday night and all day Tuesday. I am so over winter!

I'm with you, there. An early spring would not be unwelcome!

Oh wow, so beautiful! The photos really capture winter's fingers touching your side of the world * ___ * I am amazed, Melinda!

(Sorry I just am NOW catching up with commenting... Taking a leave from Steemit really threw me out of rhythm !!)

I had a neighbor stop by for an unexpected visit this afternoon and that really threw me off my rhythm. I can't imagine what taking a week off would do! You are great at doing comments though, so I'm sure it will not take you long to get caught back up and in the swing of things again!

They told me it is snowing out there again right now but I have not turned any outdoor lights on to even go look. I will just stay in denial. And then I saw where we have another major storm coming over the weekend. It has been a crazy winter here.