alway thank God o people

in #eu-africa5 years ago

I hear say you dey vex, you dey complain and you dey grumble say you never hammer. You no thank God ehn! You think say to see the middle of 2018 na moimoi? Boko Haram reach your side?
Abi you dey for plane crash? Benue community crisis reach you?
You no how many wey die for 2017 and even January till now? Ansa me naaa ...
God give you good health. Naija no good, Naija no good, but you dey use iphone, techno, samsung, ipad and laptop, if at all you never get money buy car.
Abi you don see where person wey dey coma
for sick bed dey Whatsapp? Abi na blind man wan change DP or comment for Facebook, you still dey complain there?
Abi you don see where dead body dey do
Facebook and Whatsapp for inside coffin? You better start thanking God now...
If you read this message and you no share am it
means you no dey
appreciate God..
Oya jeje share am to all your contacts.
Thanks to God oo!.
Me don share my own ooo baba God I dey LOYAL