A conversation with Andrew from the KOINOS Group

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KOINOS is a really exciting blockchain currently being built by the KOINOS group. I've mined it myself and I'm honestly really excited for Mainnet. Click the below video to watch the conversation with KOINOS on Cinnamon.video...

A conversation with KOINOS

Or you can watch it here from YouTube...

There is so much to be excited about with this blockchain. The potential for both developers and enterprises could be incredible... all based off smart-contracts and data security. Public blockchains are great for transparency, but no business is ever going to want it's data public.

At this point, data is the main resource of a business... and any company that has been hacked or breached can tell you how damaging the loss of data (or even just the perception of loss of data) is. Data on the KOINOS blockchain will be encrypted. This enables all sorts of smart contracts could be amazingly useful to a whole range of businesses.

I dabbled with mining KOINOS (here is my post on that adventure) but there is a reason I wanted to get myself some KOINs. My gFam project will look to use KOINS to act as my resources to onboard users and transact on that blockchain. I'm hoping that KOINs could be one of the currencies that users accept on gFam.

It still is crazy to me that users have to be so concerned with their data privacy these days. I'm so surprised things have gotten as bad as they have in regards to which company has what information on you... and I truly hope that KOINOS helps to start to scale that right back so that users can own their own data and use applications without their worry that their personal data will be mined.

Getting involved with KOINOS

Andrew mentions looking at Uniswap as an easy way to get into the KOINOS ecosystem. Here's the link for the ETH/KOIN pairing. I've only got 1.47% of the liquidity pool myself, but I've been extremely happy with it's performance in the last two months.


I'll be looking to do more of these conversations in the future, so if you have any questions about KOINOS, please let me know down in the comments, or feel free to contact them yourself... they're super friendly!

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Thanks for watching!

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Right on and we will see how things work out in the future however blockchain technology is here to stay and is the backbone of future projects.

Awesome work

Hey dude! Totally agree! It's going to be really interesting to see if and how established companies and enterprizes use blockchain technology to expand their market share. It really does feel like the tip of the iceberg...

Pretty much exactly what my feelings are. In the future the knowledge of this technology is going to be absolutely crazy. And having an investment into cryptocurrency will be absolutely essential.

However I really like the way this blockchain is going because I can invest so much into this with my own work and watch the growth everyday.

To me the price isn't really important however I really can't wait until it goes over a dollar a piece again.

Until then I'm just going to enjoy life and interacting with the community

Very interesting.
I am going to keep an eye on this.

Yeah, it really sounds like they've learnt a lot from Steem, Hive, Ethereum, EOS, etc etc and are intending to build a simple blockchain that actually fixes a lot of the issues these first gen blockchains have.