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RE: Introducing Exxp - the rebranded and much improved replacement to the steempress plugin

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Congratulations @howo and @fredrikaa. I know that this has been a long haul, and you have nailed it. There is so much to be excited about and for me, with what I went through earlier this year -

Thus allowing anyone to fully restore any blogposts stored on Hive on a future blog they may have. This can come in handy for anyone who runs into hosting issues, has their content taken down, or otherwise failed to store backups of their content. To us, this represents a very important value proposition of Exxp to any bloggers.

is the cherry on the top!

I will be installing (now) and updating my bits (ha!) in the next day or so.


Thank you fiona! And thank you for having been with us for all this time:).

Hopefully, this feature alone can attract quite a few people and make it easier to explain why it's a neat product

When I come down to earth (it's been a bit of a rough patch), I will write one of my rare crypto-focused posts via WordPress. It will, of course, get the "Fiona treatment" that some of my fellow @exxp users, @nickyhavey and others like @chees4ead and @plantstoplanks tease me about. I'll try not to do more than 1,000 words... 🤣

Oh, and it's a no brainer - being with you - for someone who was is is a coding novice with less intention of learning it, and with an existingg WordPress blog, this plugin is heaven sent.

I've already given it the Havey Treatment, now it's time for the Fiona Treatment haha! We are Exxpecting it!


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