The Sandy Hook children are still alive so is Christina Grimmie

in #fakenews2 years ago (edited)

Here they are in a group photo. What do you have to say about this Jake Morephonyass?

Here's a picture of the children singing at the Super Bowl. The people who do these hoaxes enjoy mocking us by putting it in our face..

Look closely at their faces. These are obviously the same children that were allegedly killed at Sandy Hook!

Here's a picture of David Wheeler. He played two roles in the Sandy Hook hoax. The alleged grieving father of a little boy named Ben Wheeler and an FBI sniper. They were really sloppy when they planned out this hoax.. Their arrogance will be their downfall..

Here he is carrying his sniper rifle with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder..

David wheeler is an actor and anti gun activist.. He makes anti gun propaganda movies..

Here he is getting off Air Force One with some of his other anti gun actor friends..

Does anyone recognize this crisis actor? They used her in so many hoaxes that she's infamous...

Another Infamous crisis actor is Adam Lanza. He was the alleged gunman at Sandy Hook hoax shooting and the brother of Christina Grimmie hoax shooting... Her name is an obvious mockery of Jesus Christ calling him grimey!!! They also moked the murder of Christ in this hoax shooting..

Here's a picture of Adam Lanza and Christina Grimmie well after her alleged death..

These pictures were taken when Christina Grimmie was a contestant on The Voice..
You can see she's much younger here..

Here's a picture of Christina Grimmie wearing and Illuminati triangle ring. She's also doing the Masonic M hand sign. If you look closely Adam Lanza is also doing the Masonic M hand sign..

Here's Adam Lanza giving a speech at Christina Grimmie's memorial service.

There's been several other high profile hoax shootings since then. Veterans today wrote an excellent article about disappearing brass shell casings from New Zealand hoax shooting. Please back up all of this data. Sandy Hook is being scrubbed from the internet.. We are living in dangerous times of censorship... Two of my articles were deleted from Steemit!!! This pisses me off because everything is supposed to be permanent on Steemit..




Please back these videos up as soon as possible. YouTube is scrubbing all evidence of hoax shootings.. you can see two different cars were used. The windshield didn't break after 3 shots from a 12 gauge??? WTF

This video counted all of the shots from the New Zealand shooting. Too many discrepancies to list..

Make a backup copy of this video as soon as possible it won't be here for long.. If you slow down the video you can see the disappearing brass. There's not any blood shooting people point blank with an AR-15 even though they were wearing white clothes!?

Official FBI crime statistics listed zero homicides in Newtown Connecticut for 2012. Even USA Today covered this discrepancy... They also brought up that there was Zero official homicides in Colorado movie theater hoax shooting according to the FBI...


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