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i feel you, brother, @cahlen !

take solace, as i do when it comes to blood 🩸 family, in the published dogma of The Kolbrin Bible: Book of Morals and Precepts, reprinted from The Egypitan Texts of the Bronzebook (the first six books of The Kolbrin Bible), which were originally penned in Hieratic as The Great Book by Egyptian academicians, following the Exodus of the Jews (ca 1500 BCE) in Chapter Forty-Five — Friendship…

”MPR:45:2 …better by far to be alone than in bad company.” 🤲 🤗

What a great quote!

i thought so, as well… thus, the reason i felt compelled to share it with you here! continue to be well, stay strong 💪 and take risks! 💥