Parenting may be great, but sometimes it can be really tough…

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Kids are great and nothing can compare of the warm hug of your boy or girl after a busy day at work. They are happy only when seeing you and they want so little from you. And your child’s smile is always priceless. But…

There are some really tough and challenging times with taking care of the little fellas. When your kitchen top looks like this…

…it’s never that easy and fun. We seem to be in a great series of illnesses and disorders. Not only we deal with a nose bacteria now, on both the kids, but the big one started vomiting this evening. He seems to have some sort of a stomach disorder. He is only three years old and he has some very tough times now.

We try different medications and really hope that something will work on him and we will not end in a hospital. Children’s dehydration may be quite a concerning problem and the last thing we want to happen is this.

And it seems that half of our wage is spent on syrups, powders, probiotics and antibiotics lately. Of course, if the kids become okay the money are well spent and there’s nothing to regret… but it’s like two months now any they are almost constantly ill with the sum of medications well over $200-$250 and counting. I never really thought that basic home health care can be so expensive.

But they are kids after all and we, as parents must give our best to keep them healthy and safe. And after that comes the happiness. Of, course there are a lot of moments of joy when the little fellas are happy and we are happy too, but recently the nights are very concerning for us.

For now, the big brother seems to have stopped vomiting, and sleeps relatively well. Hope that everything calms down and we will get some proper sleep too.

Happy moments are around the corner and I know this for sure. Children’s laugh is nothing that can be replaced.

Now, wish me some luck with the sleep and may the health fairy be with us! 😁
See ya soon!


@mdosev Pronta recuperación a tus hijos!! si es difícil y bello tener hijos😌😍