Your Family Matters; Take Care Of Them

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It is not uncommon to see people being taken over by work and other official matters that they tend to overlook their own immediate family. Well, just to be very truthful with you, your family should occupy the first place in your endeavours because these are the people that will still be with you even when all other things you have been running after are gone. In the event that something happens to you, your workplace may only miss your absence for a short time but you will still be replaced by another person - probably someone better. However, family is not what is easily replaceable, so look after them.


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A point may come in your life when you will have the opportunity to choose a career, choose a work or even change an existing job. You also have the ability to choose many other things like: your apartment, your neighbourhood, even your friends but when it comes to your family, your choices become very limited because these are the ones you cannot choose. Imagine someone saying that he wants to choose his parents; it will sound bizarre.

It is adorable when children get busy with growing up but most times, what they fail to realize is that as they are growing up, their parents and, of course, their grandparents are getting old. And at this point, it is only care that will matter to them. It is sad that many people realize the importance of a member of their family posthumously. No wonder this popular quote has it that:

You may not know the value of what you have until you lose it

It is disheartening when I hear people give excuses for not taking care of their family. I mean, some even go as far as pointing out errors or flaws in the lives of their relatives, particularly their parents. The same parents that did not give up on them when they were young, and now they have grown, they suddenly turned to look at their imperfections. One word they tend to overlook is "karma". Yes, as much as many people do not believe in it, the fact still remains that the same measure you used for your parents is copied by your children and they will use the same measure on you when you are old.

When you use work as an excuse to be careless about your family or when you suddenly become too busy to care for them, a time may come when the scenario will change and the table will turn. Note this: anything you have that is taking you further away from your primary duty - your family, is creating a void within you. But the good news is that no matter how far you have been from your family, you still have a second chance to put things right and make a good turn.


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The truth is, your family should not be treated as "spare tyres", they should occupy a pivotal position in your life. Always have it in mind that not many people will have your back like your family. More so, when you need someone to stand up for you, the first option may be your family. Obviously, your family will still stick around even when your supposed best first has taken a bow.

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