Who Was The Monster? An Original Poem and Commentary - Enjoy with Troy!



Who Was The Monster?

Faces places long ago
Penetrate my mind as though
Yesterday is here again
Fears and tears of why and when?

Stolen from my mom and dad.
What went wrong? Was I that bad?
Kidnapped by the CPS
Placing me in harm's distress.

Mama's tears were all in vain
Why did they cause us hurt and pain?
My parents would never harm, neglect
What lay ahead, they could not protect.

Shuffled now, from home to home
With stranger's words and hands I known
The silent, numb became my friend
Oh, when would this horror end?

And so I ran out to the street
Where drugs and pimps and hookers meet.
A world of crime, that's primed in prey,
Reminds me of the CPS way.

I learned to steal, to void distress
My earliest teacher was the CPS.
And so, for several years, went well.
Till they sent me to a prison cell.

The gangs and crimes, the faces be
Scared the hell out of little me.
How did I become this monster wild?
Wasn't it yesterday, I was a child?

My home, a grave, at last, have I
But you, my friend, don't have to die.
Protect, defend your children well,
Lest they spiral down this hell.

So who was the monster? It certainly was not the person speaking in this poem. How can a mere child develop into a monster on their own? They cannot. Yet, this young one spiraled down a world of hell, traveling from foster care to the streets, to prison and finally to their death. Never having a home after being kidnapped, they finally found a home... a grave.

And yet who first taught them how to steal?

It is the monster, the Child Protective Services who, out of their own greed and selfishness, creates this slippery slope for the innocent. Stolen from their parents, these little ones endure helplessness, hopelessness, fear, guilt, abandonment, depression, desperation and even suicide, compliments of your local governmental, for profit, CPS. The psychological and emotional baggage, weighs on them for a lifetime. Gone are dreams and aspirations. Gone is stability, security and freedom. Gone is a real home.

And that is the children. The parents endure much the same. It is like a horrible death that never ends, haunting you night and day.

Why must monsters create monsters? Why must child trafficking rings like the CPS be allowed to thrive, while innocence withers and dies? Why must children and families be targeted by the corrupt for profit?

It is up to us to protect and defend children, as the voice of this writer states. Our apathy and ignorance only feeds the monster. When we offer a zero tolerance, global non - compliance to the tyranny of thieves, we provide freedom for families and hope for children.

And the monster is defunded and dies.

But the monster is also us, if we, out of apathy, allow the theft and trafficking of children to continue. Will you help protect families and children from the trafficking monsters and spirals of hell?

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