how to multiply rice paddies quickly

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hello steemians, what are you all, hope you are always healthy, meet me @farmsteemit today, and this time I want to talk to friends all about how to multiply children quickly.

paddy farmer

all farm friends, how about now about your farm, now I want to discuss with farming friends how to multiply rice paddies quickly.

All friends, being a farmer is one of the most noble jobs, every time I post, I always say that being a patani is very good.
being a farmer is actually very much a science that must be learned, especially for rice farmers, starting from the first sowing to harvest time, in the process there is a lot that must be understood.

now I want to give all the friends of agriculture, how to multiply the paddy, because the more rice children we plant, the more success we will get later.

The following is how to multiply rice paddies quickly

  • You have to plant the young seeds early, because the young seedlings are more likely to have a large number of children.
  • for rice to have many children, then try to plant 1 seed / hole, because if you plant a lot of seeds, the rice will not reproduce again.
  • the third way is to give nitrogen fertilizer. After the seeds are in the ground for three days, then give nitrogen fertilizer, which is used to stimulate the rice paddies that come out.
  • the next way is to spray organic fertilizer, do it once a week by spraying organic fertilizer.

the latter repels pests on rice plants, you may repel pests by using organic poisons, you may buy organic poisons in the market closest to you.

that's the way to multiply rice paddies quickly. leave your comments below, and don't forget to follow me so that you can see the latest posts on my page.

farm greetings from me @farmsteemit


Thanks for sharing with us the various way on how to paddle rice quickly..... we have indeed learn.


SteemChurch Farm (@farms)

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