So Cute !

in #featheredfriends2 months ago

I love my bird. A few days ago my girlfriend bought a yellow little pool for him.
It amazes me to see how happy he gets when I give him fresh water. Birds are really interesting. This one I believe I was very lucky to get in contact with. Specially considering we became friends xD.

I mean, REALLY!

Look at that:

Can it be more cute ?

Ohhh and the name?



Eu amo meu pássaro. Há alguns dias, minha namorada comprou uma pequena piscina amarela para ele.

Me surpreende ver como ele fica feliz quando eu lhe dou água fresca. Os pássaros são realmente interessantes. Acredito que tive muita sorte de entrar em contato com este. Especialmente considerando que nos tornamos amigos xD.

Quero dizer, REALMENTE!


It's a really cute bird. I appreciate animal lovers.

I love them too. Just a few days ago I found another baby bird. I will be posting about it very soon =D thanks for passing by! Cheers


Archimedes? It is an accurate name for a bird. Many birds (especially crows, ravens and parrots) are actually very intelligent. Predatory birds are also very intelligent. I have a female Harris's hawk. I live with her. We literally sleep together.

Archimedes , that’s right ! I’ve wrote it incorrectly, thanks 😊 I gave her this name in honor of Merlin’s Owl, from the movie “Sword in the Stone”, from 1963. I love that movie since I was a little kid, and always wanted to be like Merlin and interact with a bird xD amazing that you have such a beautiful hawk, congratulations my friend. Taking care of a bird demands a lot of patience, and it’s definitely not for everybody. I’m learning everyday about them, and I’m loving it. Cheers @xplosive !

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I love pets very much. your pet is really cute too

Birds are beautiful animals that have feelings and show it. It's nice of her to contact you.

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