1/24/2019 ~ Round 79 Food Fight Friday Peoples Champs ~ 1st-5,000 Foodie + FFF Belt Gif ~ 2nd-2,000 Foodie ~ 3rd-1,000 Foodie~

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Have you plate lickers recovered from your food comas yet? I am barley conscious as I fumble my way though this Winner announcement. Dang I need to get my bearings straight. I may be a little little loopy but I can spot collusive voting while I am passed out in my chair drooling down my shirt.

votie no countie ~ Contender Disqualified

How simple is that??
Lucky You @zyanf, you are the first ever Food Fight Friday Contender to Get Disqualified.
Look out for the Fish-Slap
Great now that we have gotten that out of the way....
Where am I?!?!

Please excuse my mis-steaks.. I had no idea we could fit that many foodies in one arena at a time!!! Talk about some food flingin' madness!! First I would like to give a huge shout out to our sponsor @appreciator for clicking that upvote button to show support for what we crazies got goin' on in the Coolest Kitchen on the Blockchain. Sorry to see you go but we hope to catch you around from thyme to thyme. So this is the last week we will be dishing out the big Steem Prizes. So no need to call your friends or use your alt accounts to collude or in a round about way, self vote
Yet we still got those Foodie Tokens coming in....

Foodies tokens Anyone?

@foodfightfriday has 83K Foodie tokens staked to curate your #fff & #foodie posts and @foodiesunite is donating 8,000 Foodies each week!!!


So make sure you use that #foodie after your #fff if you want to earn those tasty foodie tokens along with the chance to win some Steem


I am @foodfightfriday,
You Know the The Head Cheese of this wild Kitchen...
The Top Dog...
Head Chef...
Master Egg Beater...
Toothpick Stackin' Champion 30 years running...
Not to brag but...
big deal.gif
Yep, I said it

Welcome to the coolest kitchen on the blockchain.
Today I'm bringing you the slightly grilled and slowly smoked to perfection winners of Round 78
The finger lickers have voted & the dishes are clean.
(Thanks to the dog sitting by the counter beggin' for scraps)
Nevermind the ketchup on the walls and the hot sauce dripping from the ceiling...
I just hope I can make my way through this disaster everyone made, without putting my hand in some diced onions,
then wiping my eye clean of the hot sauce that dripped in it when Looked up to see what fell on my head...
You guys are out of control!! Just the way we like it!!

Here are the People's Choice Champs for Rounds 79
of this
Food Fight FridayMadness

1st Place Winner

~FFF~ A Food Friendly Gift ~ Food Fight Friday ~ Thanks @thebigsweed and @farm-mom

psst...click the image

That moment when you spent all day yesterday wrenching on a line-truck at work and you get up on Saturday morning and realize... CRAP! I didn't get my FoodFightFriday contender together...

Here is Your Food Fight Friday Belt Hot outta the Toaster


Wear it with pride and tout your accomplishment all across the Steem-O-Sphere
Plus you Might want to get a bigger platter to hold all the Steem and Foddie Tokens you just won.
5,000 Foodie tokens are headed to your kitchen


2nd Place

A Tie with will win the prize money of 2nd and 3rd place
Homemade Korean Bulgogi ~ #FFF

psst...click the image

Bulgogi is a funny word. Especially when you say it over and over again to a point where it loses all meaning.


Gravlax (Swedish Marinated Salmon) - Lori's Cookbook

I'd love to be able to tell you that this dish was a part of my Christmas when I was growing up, but it wasn't.

Grab a Wok because that little fryin' pan ain't gonna hold
1,500 Foodie tokens you both just won


to all of you for being the
People's Champs
Rounds 79
The sloppiest day of the
Food Fight Friday

Thanks again to everyone for participating and voting
You are what keeps this Food Flingin' madness goin'
of Course it does help to have a couple
Awesome Sponsors



WW thumbs up gif.gif

Stay tuned for the Contender Post
Round 80
Grab a Bar Stool
crack a Cold One
and Hang out


What?!?! You haven't heard of Food Fight Friday?
Well, let me just tell you a little something about it
Every Friday Us Wild Food Fight Friday Food Flingin' Fanatics
Create a food related post
Anything Food related is worthy of using the #fff tag
Just Post it up on Friday using the #FFF tag
That is if you think you can handle a Food Fight of this magnitude
So, make sure to use #fff as the first tag you know FFF... this makes it much easier for @foodfightfriday to create the Contender Post where anybody and everybody can vote on their favorite post.
Each week the contenders are
Given an Ice Cold Beer Token and earn Foodie tokens
also they are thrown into
The Food Fight Friday Arena to fend for themselves
for a chance to win Steem & Foodie tokens
or whatever the Food Fight Friday Gang Feels
Like Dishing out
Shoot just for voting you get Foodie and Beer tokens....

Don't you dare try and self-vote or the Fish-Slaps will be unleashed



In this Food Loving Friendly Community, we are about being
Collusive Voting Is Dumb and can be spotted a mile away. Plus we have a jaguar on our side
Use the voting format or votes don't count. We are working on a vote counting bot and it needs to be that way. Plus how hard is it to follow directions....don't answer that...

Start Using the #fff tag on your food related post,
Post it up on Food Fight Fridays

Friday only!!!

and me along with my
Food Flingin' entourage
will give you some tasty upvotes
Can't wait to see you next
Food Fight Friday


We would like to give a huge shout out to @foodiesunite for their sponsorship of this mess we call Food Fight Friday
But without you bowl lickers and dough kneaders this whole thing wouldn't be possible

A Special thanks to those Food Lovin' Folks who are providing @foodfightfriday with delegations:
@jlsplatts~500 SP ~ @weirdheadaches~342 SP ~ @intothewild~250 SP ~ @protegeaa~100 SP ~ @dandays~100 SP ~ @viking-ventures~100SP ~ @shaidon~50 SP ~ @missaj~30 SP ~ @braaiboy~25 SP and ~ @puravidaville~25 SP

Let's not forget those tasty donations of SBD/Steem that keep the prize pool simmering just right so we can keep these fun contests going:
@lizzyib~3 SBD ~ @puravidaville~3 SBD & 5 Steem ~ @dandays~15 SBD & 79 Steem ~ @weirdheadaches~23.744 SBD & 15 Steem ~ @thebigsweed~25 Steem & 10 SBD and @jlsplatts~25 SBD & 379.868 Steem
Don't be stingy
To help Keep Food Fight Fridays Alive!
That is what all the cool kids are doing these days
cool kid.gif
stay cool
Join us for some off the Chain Fun
Food Fight Friday is now on


Hey @jlsplatts, @intothewild, and @viking-ventures
Here is Your Dessert

Now you can have your cake and eat it too
cake smash.gif

Thank you so much! I wasn't able to get there this week as I'm fighting flu right now, but this really makes my day!

Big Thanks to all my Food Lovin’ Folks. As you you @foodfightfriday take those foodie tokens back and Steak those tasty treats so you can have more Foodie Power!! I sent you 5,088 foodie tokens to Steak or is it stake??? Nah who cares!!

Will do Boss man!!! Wait... am I talking to myself again??? Hmmmm weird?!?!?

Hey @foodfightfriday, here is a little bit of BEER from @jlsplatts for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Congrats to the weiners!


congratulations to the winners

Congratulations to all the winners, well done!