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Let's get back to the Purple People, A Superpurplelously Purple story.

The purple people loved celebrations. They celebrated Saturday Indigo and especially loved celebrating the turning of the seasons. As summer near its end, and widflowers bloomed in the gardens, the purple town mayor made his yearly declaration to celebrate Autumn.

"It is now Autumn, my purple people! We shall now celebrate the time of harvest and food aplenty", the Town Mayor with rosy red cheeks and purply silver hair declared.

"Go into your gardens and let us celebrate together. Bring forth your fine bounty and together we shall celebrate Autumn."

The towns people departed to their gardens. As it was the celebration of Autumn, the fruits and vegetables need not be purple but purple grapes, currants, and passion fruits served as purple decor.

A fisherman with braids of purple locks held up his catch of the day. "I have a special purple lobster for this special occassion", he beamed proudly.

The purple lobster stared at the town people with it's beady eyes and snapped its' claws in warning. The towns people danced their happy jig and purple hands clapped in tune to the snapping of the claws.


Mangos, coconuts, banana plants, and hot peppers were picked and layed out for the celebration.


The little boy who brought the purple flowers in the last celebration of Saturday Indigo once again stepped behind his mom.

"I found these purple flowers in the midst of red flowers in my mommy's garden", he says shyly. Purple fingers were wrapped around a bouquet of purple morning glory.

A small purple girl in her teenage years smiled beatifically at the little boy as she gently pulled him with her to the dance floor. He beamed at this sudden attention and happy purple feet danced joyously to the tune of snapping lobster claws.


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