Pop | 50 Word Story

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The coroner scribbled in her notebook. “Is that twenty-five feet? Thirty?”
“Twenty-seven.” The factory supervisor scratched his neck. “Will there be media?”
“Certainly.” She snapped her notebook closed. “You’ll need a new line of work.”
The crew fished the head from the giant vat of orangeade.
“Horrible way to go.”

This is my entry for @jayna‘s awesome 50 Word Story Challenge this week. The prompt this week is “pop.” Not a huge amount of character arc in this, but I really enjoyed the imagery of this vignette. Hope you do too.


Image courtesy of pixabay.

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Gruesome, yet somehow also hilarious, @thinknzombie! Thanks for that. I secretly love off-beat sardonic humor.

Considering my attitude towards citrus, this is a death I would wish on someone I don't like much.

A horrible way to go indeed! Or a delicious way to go!