The Devil You Know, Part Two

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We find “Guttertrash” Greg Adkins in a hospital bed where he is recovering from the thrashing that he was given by Redmond Fury at Night of Champions. Armand von Krauss is there, having just made a play to get Greg back in the KGB. This is where Rob Riot walks into the room.

Rob Riot: What is this?

Greg Adkins: Armand tells me that you could have supported me in my match against Redmond Fury and maybe prevented this hospital stay from happening in the first place. He wants me back in the KGB.

Rob Riot nods and takes up a seat next to the bed on the opposite side of Armand.

Rob Riot: You said you had it when we talked before the match. I don’t want to be a nitpick here, but maybe you shouldn’t have tried to examine his prostate? Twice?

Armand von Krauss: That is a part of whom he is, or have you forgotten? Greg, Rob is the one who sent your father to rehab on a match that Thomas did not lose by pinfall, submission, or count out. He lost because someone attacked Rob, possibly on his orders.

Greg looks to Rob Riot, whose expression has not changed.

Rob Riot: Now, to be honest, I was worried about your father’s health in the ring. He was completely drunk and high to the point of not really being able to function. I did not mean for the match to end the way it did, but it did. Your father went to rehab and well; that’s really a story for another time. You know this bum sent Gabriel to kill you. That motorcycle punk does nothing without being told what for. Anything else that Armand says is bollocks!

Greg Adkins: Alright. Maybe making Redmond angry was not exactly in my best interests, but at the time it was simply my only real “go to” move to break the pinfall. I don’t know anyone who would not break the pinfall to cover their ass, except for maybe me.

Armand von Krauss: I gave you my word that I did not send Gabriel Tuck to kill you.

Rob Riot: And I say if he did it on his own that I’m the bloody Queen of England!

Greg Adkins: Enough! The fact that Gabriel Tuck came to kill me is bad, whether it was on Armand’s orders or not. How can I ally myself with a group that does not have a tight control on its underlings?

Armand von Krauss: How could you ally with a group that did not help you against the muscle bound Redmond Fury? I would have at least had the twins at ringside to remind Fury whom he was messing with.

Greg Adkins: Now admittedly, I did tell Rob that I was going to do fine by myself in the ring against Redmond Fury. I thought that if I angered him enough that he would make a mistake that I could capitalize on. Clearly, I underestimated his rage from the stunts I pulled against him.

Rob Riot: Yeah, after the first time of sticking a finger into his butt, I might have stopped trying to do that. Well, I wouldn’t have gone near his ass in the first place, but you know what I mean.

Armand von Krauss: I don’t think that he does. Are you saying that his style of wrestling is wrong?

Rob Riot: Don’t be putting words into my mouth. I’m just saying that his wrestling style isn’t for me, not that it’s wrong. Greg, the Galactic Sex Pirates might give you shit for a loss, but we won’t punish you.

Greg Adkins: You won’t throw me off of a bridge and onto a moving train like Armand did to Gabriel?

Rob Riot seems taken aback a little and looks to Armand, whose expression doesn’t change.

Rob Riot: You threw Gabriel off of a bridge? Maybe I should be recruiting him too! You are an asshole!

Armand seems to swell with pompous rage.

Armand von Krauss: What I do to my servants is my business!

Rob Riot: And Greg, you would contemplate rejoining that? He would kill you over a perceived slight?

Greg Adkins: He did threaten to kill me if I didn’t join him just before you arrived.

Rob Riot: Is that so? Are you joining him or am I kicking his ass here in the hospital room?

Greg Adkins: Sorry, Armand. I gotta go with Rob kicking your ass.

Armand grins, lighting up a fresh Egyptian cigarette.

Armand von Krauss: It didn’t work at Night of Champions and now you stand alone, but do try to “kick my ass” as you say.

Rob Riot stands up, cracking his knuckles.

Rob Riot: I can take you all by myself, but why should I try? BOYS!

Frank Windsor and Billy Fowler walk into the room and stand by Rob Riot. Greg beams from ear to ear at the amount of support that he currently has. Armand’s eyes flit from one Bastard to the next. If he’s worried, he doesn’t show it.

Armand von Krauss: The odds don’t matter to me. I am a legendärer Kämpfer.

Rob snatches the cigarette from Armand’s mouth and takes a drag from it.

Rob Riot: Go on then. Start the fight.

Frank Windsor: Come on, ya fucking wanker. Give us a kiss.

Armand’s eyes narrow, but he starts to back away toward the door.

Armand von Krauss: Next time, Bastards. Next time.

Armand beats a hasty exit, leaving Greg alone with the Bastards.

Greg Adkins: Thanks, guys.

Billy Fowler: You are welcome. Now, are you going to be able to make your match with Ronnie Long? He is a former World champion.

Greg smiles and nods his head.

Greg Adkins: I should be at least eighty percent by showtime. Bruises, stitches, and bandaids. Nothing is broken at least.

Rob Riot: Good. Let’s get you better and ready.

Greg Adkins: Alright!