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Working on the exam is a tiring and nervous activity, but if it's added cheat, it creates a completely different atmosphere. Cold sweat from the tension determines precision timing, concerns if the watchdog catches, all the spills. Inspired by the SAT cheating case in China, Bad Genius as the latest offering of GDH 559 with Nattawut Poonpiriya (Countdown) sat in the directorship chair, able to juggle the activity so intense heist treats, making the characters of high school students like Danny Ocean's underwear thief. The difference, not a safe containing hundreds of millions of dollars targeted, but the answers to the exam, Lynn (Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying) is an exemplary student of perfect academic worth plus a variety of other achievements, making it acceptable in a prestigious school while receiving a scholarship that eases the economic burden of his father (Thaneth Warakulnukroh). At school, Lynn befriends Grace (Bisaya Hosuwan) that does not seem to be, far from the genius definition. When it comes to the exam, finding his best friend the difficulty plus the wrath of the "problem-sharing" practice the teacher decides to cheat. Occurring in ordinary classrooms also involves only shoes and erasers, the simple moments that many of us may have ever seen the show the capacity of Nattawut to stretch both intensity and style through the use of slow motion, classical music accompaniment, as well as tactical image transfer.

The decision to help the friend without Lynn is likely to be a long tail, leads to a massive, structured cheating act under the guise of piano lessons involving dozens of students, a pile of money, and creative methods. Is the method too complicated? It could be, but without it, there will be no heist fun, where the more complex, (usually) the more exciting. And the manuscript by Nattawut along with Tanida Hantaweewatana and Vasudhorn Piyaromna has prepared various cheating techniques that will encourage the audience to be stunned because it will only occur to Lynn's genius (and cynical) people. The peak is the STIC test which scales to international level while adding another genius student character named Bank (Chanon Santinatornkul). In contrast to Lynn, though both come from poor families (a form of film exploration on the social condition of Thai society), the Bank upholds honesty, The third act that stretched from planning to execution was spurred rapidly by Nattawut while still consistently spurring tension complemented by a variety of uniqueness of heist call shock to betrayal conflict. Sitting still, gripping the handle of the chair, orbiting the nails until it ran aground into a normal activity when watching Lynn and his friends perform their reckless action. Reaching the top point did seem too many problems repeatedly blocking the course of the plan, but dynamic packaging Nattawut keeps the film out of line and not protracted. A stack of problems that led to the sparkling flavour of intensity enhancer that quickly came and went, as soon as the editing done Chonlasit Upanikkit as editor.

Bad Genius acts as a criticism of the educational system that can not only be applied in Thailand, also throughout the world. Educational providers who reputedly uphold honesty through acts criticize the activities of the mutual student which often occurs driven by the principle of solidarity but actually do the fraud is much greater tau arguably more damned given sarcasm. Though subtle, the sarcasm is very slapping, resulting in moral ambiguity accompanying the journey of his character aware of the world's rottenness that coincides with the tone of the film, where the early half of the high-flavored sense of high school drama is full of warmth of friendship, then moves more seriously (though not leading dark) end, Talking about moral values ​​affects the choice of conclusions which is actually rather less representative of the spirit of film heist. But it can be understood considering one of the goals of Bad Genius is to criticize the act of cheating the world of education. Emphasizing on moral values ​​rather than the glorification of fair crime is done, the script also ensures that the resolution becomes a natural process of the character. Bad Genius also reinforced the chic lineup of Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying through a convincing genius in every verbal and non-verbal calculation, Bisaya Hosuwan with sparkling eyes that implies that Grace is just a good teenager squeezed in, until Thaneth's dramatic power contribution Warakulnukroh. Bad Genius is a nail-biting, stylish heist that you should watch 

RATING (8/10)

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