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In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X somewhere on the Mexican border. However, Logan's attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are upended when a young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces.

Not just the fact that this will be the last film Hugh Jackman to portray the most iconic X-Men character who later made the wrapping series of The Wolverine trilogy. Filled with the hardness labeled "R-Rated" complete with all the dirty oral attributes as well as a harsh bitter reality, Logan is definitely not the Marvel superhero type you can watch comfortably with your family, especially your little ones. Yes, the selection of the adult rating does have a high risk, especially in limited sales, but after what Watchmen does, especially Deadpool, it does not seem to be a big problem as long as the smart filmmaker exploits his adult theme and James Mangold does his job incredibly .

Filmscript written by Mangold with Scott Frank and Michael Green adapted freely from Old Man Logan comic by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven 2014. Taking the set in the future time of dystopia, precisely in 2029 where the middle mutant population is on the edge of extinction, the remaining choices to hide from the crowds including Logan and the aging Professor Xavier. Neither Logan nor Professor X is no longer like the old days. Logan not only looks physically older with all the beards and hair that is full of gray hair but the age seems to have an effect on the mutant strength of the mutant. The healing power is no longer as fast as it used to be, and it took days to recover and it left scars. While Professor X arguably more severe. Stepping at the age of 90, his super brain was gnawed by Alzheimer's which made it difficult to control his terrible telekinesis power without the aid of drugs, because being late for medication would be fatal, very fatal. Especially for the character of Professor X, I am happy when finally Patrick Stewart decided to play one more role as the leader of X-Men for the last time. At Logan, he not only became a side character like in the first three series of X-Men, but his presence became important for Logan's narrative. Mangold does something different, presents tragedy, humor and despair, this is the figure of Charles Xavier that you have never seen before.

Then they both appear Laura (Dafne Keen), the mysterious little girl who then became the beginning of the real journey of Logan's life rather than just collecting money from his job to be a Limo driver. The problem is that Laura is not an ordinary girl when the mercenaries chase her alive or dead. Yes, as I said above, Logan provides a bitterly uncomfortable reality for an audience looking for a superhero safe watch. No costly costume, no fancy CGI and expensive, otherwise Mangold gave a different approach, trying to push Wolverine's story and character further than what he had made in The Wolverine four years ago, beyond the limits of most superhero movies, even questioning them, see Just the moment when Logan mocked the X-Men comic that Laura read. What about the universe? We know after X-Men: Days of Future Past timeline has changed, Professor X does not die in the hands of Jean Gray as in X-Men: The Last Stand. The new story is formed, but in Logan instead of telling what happened to the other X-Men members, Mangold immediately gave a painful ending to X-Men, the question why only Logan and Professor X left will be answered here, News heard on television. Yes, even so, Mangold does not seem to care much about the time-line of previous X-Men stories or maybe even the future of the mutants. He seemed to form his own separate story, but this might be what made Logan feel special because he was never tied up and became more personal.

Moving in a slow story line, Exploit the duration to build relationships between characters. Strengthens Logan and Charles Xavier's relationship to the furthest extent, presenting him as a father-son relation as strong as the relationship between Logan and Laura. Logan tastes like a family drama with a road movie element rather than a true superhero movie. Set against a barren, arid western part of the western part of the world but never far from the world today with all the issues of immigrants and economic destruction. Dreary and full of dust like the legendary western movie that Xavier and Laura watched at the hotel. Of course one of the main highlights is the emergence of Laura a.k.a X-23. As you can see in his trailer, he is a small mutant figure with terrible adamantium clawing skills that reminds a person, as Charles says "She's like you ...... Very much like you".Mangold did introduce Laura as a terrible little mutant at the beginning of the film, but on the way he built his character, giving a dose of humor, especially on his interaction with Logan. There is a warmth formed from the relationship of both that not only make Laura only as a complementary character but more than that when he was able to enrich the character of Logan and give kIn the end Logan may feel too sentimental with all the drama and his father-son relationship is strong and emotional, but Mangold never forget that he is still a superhero movie which means you will still find a barrage of exciting action parades. In contrast to the "R-Rated" flag, Mangold can have fun with more brutality, which means more spurted blood, body pieces and crushed heads that may have a degree of harmony with Deadpool. Every moment of the action feels memorable, not only because of its high gore content but how DoP John Mathieson presents it beautifully makes every moment able to give its own emotions, especially in the peak scene.

Funfact: Hugh Jackman will play the Wolverine again, if the movie is on mcu.

RATING (10/10)

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I meant to go and see it in the cinema but missed it...I will need to check it out.

Yeah, you should!

This film is fantastic. I can't think of another superhero film since the Dark Night, that actually brought us a new twist on old characters. Great Review!

Great review! Looks like a great spin off of Xmen :) I look forward to more of your review.

i think is overrated, but is not a 10, a 7 tops... eventhough without a doubt is the best movie in the Xmen franchise (if we don´t include deadpool in fox's cinematics universe)