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Of his many advantages, Okja deserves to be seen as a tangible evidence of cross-cultural success in cinema. Let's go back to 2013 when the "Korean epidemic" culminated in Hollywood, giving way to three leading directors of Ginseng Affairs: Bong Joon-ho, Kim Jee-woon, and Park Chan-wook working there. Their films are equally superior in quality, but only Snowpiercer is counting success in the market. The reason is simple. When The Last Stand feels old school and Stoker too artsy, Snowpiercer successfully unify the action of a typical Hollywood blockbuster with Korean absurdity spice. Okja continues the achievement of Bong Joon-ho, In 2007, the world is considered food shortages. This inspired Mirando Corporation to run a 10-year long-term project to breed 26 super pigs sent to 26 livestock experts from different countries. The ultimate goal is to create excess food sources. The prologue could have been delivered using a lightning exposition nan pickup accompanied voice-over narration. But instead, the audience was treated to a Tilda Swinton presentation with a bob hair was eccentric as Lucy Mirando. The action of the CEO Mirando Corporation accompanied by a festive visual decoration, juggling the background content of the story that usually goes casually so bind attention.

Jumping 10 years later in the mountains of South Korea, the little girl named Mija (Ahn Seo-hyun) lives with her grandfather (Byun Hee-bong) while taking care of one of the super-growing pigs (such as elephant hybrids, and pigs) and named Okja. When Mirando's party through Johnny Wilcox (Jake Gyllenhaal) the presenter of the animal show on television arrives, pinned the best pig predicate on Okja then took him away for food with other super pigs, Mija did not take it for granted. The only capital bag containing the change of fortune breaking the piggy bank, this boy desperate alone to New York in order to save his friend.

Okja was moving into the adventure phase where Bong style uniqueness combined with blockbuster filmmaking contains fast tempo action. The first meeting of Mija and ALF (Animal Liberation Front) led by Jay (Paul Dano) is a real example. It is a romp on a highway that is not only exciting, it is also unique. Jaeil Jung's music is not just a quick beat percussion adrenaline rush, but also combines various types of instruments. While Bong still dares to change the tone, a moment of emotional drama, momentarily show horror scenery, then throw a little humour. His comedy was not cheap. The moment when ALF members were so relaxed even reminded Mirando's employees to wear seatbelts before ploughing his DNA Bong truck which was the result of "forging" the culture of his native country's film.

The majority of sci-fi offerings tuck into the subtext of humanity and all sides of life in the story. The manuscripts by Bong Joon-ho and Jon Ronson do not miss it, attacking the corporates who stab each other and get rid of the conscience to pursue the material. Also touched on the habit of consumption of meat. But Okja is not vegetarian propaganda. After all the main character is shown to love to eat fish. Instead of an invitation (let alone coercion), Bong and Ronson put more emphasis on contemplation. We see the cruelty to animals while being invited to sympathize with animal and human companionship. Not eating behaviour. More essential than that, the lack of compassion in the effort to meet the personal needs (wealth and stomach) that became the target, Enrich the colour of a film is the ranks of players. Tilda Swinton remains the "chameleon" actress. Acting out two opposite type characters, he shows how to hypnotize through laughter, smiles, and antique poses. Jake Gyllenhaal seemed to be enjoying a show of skill at being stupid while occasionally hysterical like Jim Carey in his golden days. And the performance is also fun to watch. The character is not complex but entertaining. Depth actually raised Ahn Seo-hyun. Mija is not a whiner, nor a brave child who is more mature than her age. He was strong because it had been forged and whipped up with a powerful impulse, with eyes that seemed to always look steadily forward, toward his goal: Okja. The rest of him is a teenage boy in general. This reinforces the points of the conclusion of the film, that Okja is not a big-scale struggle to save the world, just a personal battle to help a (or a) friend.

RATING (7,8/10)

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One Tilda Swinton make a movie awesome. Okja gave us two Tilda Swinton. Should be beyond awesome. Haha :P

I don't know how, but seeing this movie makes me remember Totoro...

And the after effect was: I want to be a vegan.

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