Has TV and film making lost all of its originality?

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I would say that I am someone that followed closely the big film and TV productions in the past. I was interested in what is being made, who is making it and how it was going to be done.
Creating something from your imagination that could captivate attention of millions I always found to be an incredible skill worth praising.

More lately I have lost that feeling.
It didnt take much though, only 30 Marvel films, 10 Fast and Furios films, 8 Mission Impossible films, prequels, reboots, remakes and brainwashing agendas. A million different takes on the same character. Same tropes repeated over and over again.

Originality is dead and the film and TV industry have turned into a fast food vendor where everybody is forced to order the same hamburger every time.

Its incredibly hard to find anything remotely original that has any kind of financial backing which would allow it to enter the mainstream.
It is easier for a terrible and unproven team to get funding then it is an unproven idea.
Star Trek Discovery, Rings of Power being a great example of that.
Can that really go on? I mean there must be a breaking point when people get sick of the same thing told to them over and over again. I mean, wouldnt you get sick even of your favorite song if you listen to it over and over again?

I am both a huge LOTR and GOT fan. Read the books, appendices, etc. All of it. And I just cant force myself into watching any of that stuff. Agenda driven female empowerment tropes that destroy established characters and confinement into stories that you know the ending of are simply a waste of time for me.
There is no sense of urgency or peril for your character nor do I care about a footnote in history of the world when the actual important story is the one that unfolds later on.
None of these stories are self contained, they are an intro into the more important story that has already been told.
The worst of the worst? Star Wars.


Right now, there is a series called "Andor".

That series is a prequel of a prequel of a footnote in the broader Star Wars story of how Leia got the Death Star plans.

Surprise, she got them! Who cares.

I dont know, I might need to start looking into the independent film industry for my dose of fun. 💁‍♂


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Absoluty agree, but it sadly audience led who seem to want huge names, incredible special effects and 'known' characters.

Hollywood doesn't tell character driven stories anymore.

Try Korean, French or Spanish movies, there are often low budget gems to be found which due to their low budgets must be creative and beautifully shot.

Ive been looking a bit at the Korean movies. Some interesting things there.

Weird as fuck, but often original!

in the vast sea of crap there are beacons of quality entertainment like HOT D. At least in my opinion :)

I cant force myself to watch it. I just dont care what happened before what actually matters.
I would watch what Jon Snow is up to after GOT ends, for sure.

I totally get where you're coming from. I started watching it for the shits and giggles and didn't expect it would be enjoyable. But yeah season 8 of GOT was beyond a disaster so I can't blame you.

Have you seen The Peanut Butter Falcon? That's the first more recent movie that came to my mind when thinking of something unique. I knew nothing about it going in either so that kind of helped.

Yeah I saw it. It was pretty great. I think thats like 2-3 years old.

Yeah, still somewhat fresh.

Another one I watched somewhat recently was 10 Cloverfield Lane. A bit older but was new to me. Cool story, I thought. One much older that really resonated with me was Into the Wild which was based on a true story.

I rarely watch movies. A lot of the stuff that just seems like a cash grab doesn't appeal to me. I still manage to stumble into some good entertainment though.

Talented individuals with an interest in creating movies, these days, have other options. Comedians for instance, they're all doing podcasts. No need to be a movie star.

That is a good point. Potentially same reach but no need to deal with bureaucracy. Entertainment is truly changing.

I like this theory about limited ammount of possible basic story plots to be told. The rest is using next gen artistic means to convey a story in certain form. This creates illusion of a fresh thing. IMO we are at the end of the cycle, hence we see painful repetition in storytelling industry.

Also, they just feed a hen that lays golden eggs.

There is much more to the story than the reduction to the most basic story points. I know what youre referring to. The 7 basic plots.
There is quite a big difference between "Mandy 2018" and "Your Highness
2011". Yet they share the basic plot.

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