Movie Challenge Day #15

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I’m not really in a good place in my life right now so it’s hard to pick this one. It’s hard because movies that used to make me happy, now also make me sad at the same time. Anyway my pick for today is Home Alone

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I remember watching it when I was kid. I remember laughing hard and saying “keep messing with them Kevin”. It’s a very entertaining movie and the soundtrack is really good too.



Sorry about the stuff you're going through, just stay will pass.

I loved home alone as a kid... Matter of fact all the related movies - Baby day out and Problem Child were some of my favorites

Thank you so much.

If it's any consolation, a lot of people are not in a good place in their lives right now. Just hang on in there for a bit more. For, this too shall pass. And all will be well again. :-)

I’ve been like this for 5 years already my sign of things getting better...

I am sorry to hear that. Hang on for a little bit more. It will all pass, you will see.