Movie Challenge Day #18

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A film that stars my favorite actor. Ok. My favorite actor is Robert De Niro. He is in so many great movies and the reason why he is one of the greats is because he could play any role and make it believable and every time he is in a movie I always get something different from him.

I don’t really have a favorite one, I guess I’ll pick the movie that gave him an Oscar. Raging Bull

from Wikipedia

This is one of the greatest movies of all time. Want to watch a perfect movie? This is one. When it comes to boxing movies everyone think of Rocky that is also a great movie (only the first one of course) but even such an eternal movie like Rocky, it wasn’t a perfect movie, the boxing scenes are rather unreal.

What makes Raging Bull such a great movie? Perfect acting, characters development, compelling story, fight scenes, drama, the antihero theme, soundtrack and of course Martin Scorsese’s touch that can’t be explained with words.

Just stop everything you are doing and go watch this gem.

You are welcome.