VFX, A Brief Tear Update and a Music Video

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It's been a while, but I'm about to make a comeback... again of sorts? I guess we all drop off of social media now and again, and despite my need to expand my reach for my short film @thetearsees, the state of the world has only recently allowed us to make moved in the physical world.

I won't bother you with too many details, but I've been learning a lot of visual effects lately because our lead animator dropped out of the project due to the pandemic. He had to uproot his whole family and move five states away.

So, it's been After Effects and the plugin Red Giant non stop. I have definitely learned a lot of new skills in AE, which is why I'm gonna share this rad music video I found that was animated using AE.

I'll begin sharing updates really soon. Still trying to find a more entertaining format for those who follow me here as well as on The Tear accounts.


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Man, I wish I knew After Effects to do this kind of thing!

Is this your work?

The chops in this video are brilliant.

Great see you’ve been pushing things forward with The Tear - I’ve been super curious when things might come back with it!

Oh my goodness. I forgot to write the "I found" bit. No. I did not make this animation. I'm just looking at a lot of AE animations and VFX as of late and thought this was well done.

Ah I see, that’s cool!
Still awesome. Really like that style.

Glad you’ve been inspired lately!