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As previously announced on January 17 of this year, CoinNexus S.A. has lead the Angel Investment round of the Gaming Stars Token ($GAMES) and will accompany the Berlin based Gaming Stars Team to the upcoming listing on a decentralized exchange. We are pleased to announce that $GAMES will be available exclusively at CoinNexus S.A. with a limited supply of 250,000 tokens. $GAMES is offered at a price of 1,04 CHF/ 1,00 EUR per token. The token sale will begin on February 1.

What is Gaming Stars?

Gaming Stars is a fully functional online platform (app/website) with a fast growing user base of now over 100k users. The app allows gamers to play PlayStation, XBox and PC games for real money and crypto using technology that is unique in the world. The so-called Skill Challenge mode allows gamers to bet on their own gameplay while the Gaming Stars AI calculates the odds. With a house advantage of around 30%, Gaming Stars is much more profitable than "classic" sports betting. Gaming Stars is growing rapidly with over 100,000 users playing several thousand games per day and a cumulative betting volume of more than EUR 1 million.

The $GAMES token allows users to get better odds, discounts on platform fees and exclusive access to celebrity tournaments and governance features. Gaming Stars has signed a highly attractive marketing deal with leading German rappers who will promote the Gaming Stars app to millions of gamers. Their combined social media reach will lead to parabolic user growth and explosive usage of the $GAMES token.$GAMES is the leading Play2Earn token for PlayStation, Xbox and PC games on the Binance Smart Chain.

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