Yes. Will do in just a sec. Busy, busy, busy......

Keeping this post open so I don't forget... Maybe we should add brain exercises? lol

hehehehe come on San Diegan! ;) (i did poorly this week - but let's encourage one another next week!) hehehe

Sounds like a plan :)

This week is weird coach. We all need a kick in the butt. The slump in crypto doesn't help my attitude. I took no sugar in my coffee. A friend came from Germany and brought a ton of candy. Man I want it that sugar. It has been too dirty outside to breath so I walked inside today.

Proud of you for cutting the sugar and walking inside! When adversity arises, it’s a testing ground to see if we’ll rise above. Sometimes we grow, sometimes it identifies a weakness. It’s all about what we do with the opportunity, and it looks like you’re using it for growth! PS. Get the candy out of the house ;)

nice job!!!! you avoided the sugar!!! proud of you!!!!!

This is an impossible challenge. Anyway I'm on my way to my wallet...

no no no!!!! nothing is impossible!! :) just keep going @Mineopoly!!! you can do it hehehhe

Thanks. You are the best.

@mineopoly stay with us here! @dreemsteem is right; nothing is impossible. You are an overcomer, empowered to succeed!

I kept with it and kept the candy and chocolate out of my mouth. This is hard. Because after ping pong the snacks are laying around for teachers. Chocolate bars!!
I played volleyball for two hours Wednesday.
I played an hour and a half of ping pong Thursday.

Thank you coach.

I was off on Sunday - I didn't want to be - but I forgot my shoes when we went down the mountain and I couldn't walk in my heels. LOLOLOL
and then yesterday... i'm not even going to tell you how many hours I spent trying to get WW worked on ... hehehehe

bad bad bad.
this week is officially shot. I'm in the car until midnight tonight. tomorrow and saturday i might get out for a bit - but i don't know how much exercise ill get done.

next week - final week - my hope is to come out swinging! :)