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RE: Power Up Fitness Challenge!

in #fitness3 years ago

Okay, so, I finally send my SBD over.

This week, I am going to change my goal. for this week only - I hope.
I have not been feeling well at all and am adjusting accordingly.

This week, if I get some gentle stretching in at least 5 times a week and some walking, I will be very happy.

WO Mon/Tuesday gentle stretching and some foam roller
WO Wed - so far- 1/2 mi walk - more to come...


That’s a great adjustment! Just keep moving within your limits. Consistency is key!

Just an FYI - Don't vote on a comment unless you know others are going to bring it up to 0.03

any post or comment with less will be rounded down to zero.

Up to you if you want to count it or not. I am fine either way...

I have been doing some movement every day - but not one directed "workout" Mostly walking, gardening, some stretching...