Guineps & Mary Bay Beach, Negril

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Hey, hope you’re having a blessed day ✊🏽😀

I’m enjoying some guineps and a relaxing time with my daughter (far right, down by beach stuffing her face 😅)

Guineps are in season now and grow all over the island. These came from right across the street at MX3, where the yearly Bob Marley Birthday Bash is held.

Do guineps (‘guinneppas’) grow in your country? And, If so what are they called?

Panorama of Mary Bay, Beach:

Fun fact, this spot is just 5mins walk from @miyard and a recommended stop with any @reggaesteem tour available at

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Looks beautiful, clear sea, too.

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Thanks, yeah our waters are nice... very salty since it’s the Caribbean. In January or our ‘winter’ season 😆 aka dry-season it’s gets even clearer and flat for miles, as far as the eye can see

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One of the things that struck me is that there is no litter - are the beaches cleared or are people just more responsible? I've been to beaches where you can't see the sand for plastic water bottles.

We do it as a community, the restaurant does it’s part every morning since it hangs over the beach and the far corners are usually kept clean by residents.

We really don’t like litter, even the towns are cleaned early mornings though they may look a bit dirty by evening— in comparison to other places, Negril is clean.

Also, plastic was banned island wide earlier this year and it’s finally starting to show.

Can't wait to relax on that beach, is it crowded in the high season?

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it’s one of the semi-private ones. There’s a few along west end road, that beach is only busy when ppl throw parties on it or sometimes on Thursdays when Canoe Restaurant (center the panorama) host live bands— but even then it’s never really ‘crowded’

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@donald.porter, This Beach is reflecting as awesome. Hope that you both enjoyed this session. Stay blessed both of you.

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