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Hello steemian Good morning, how are you today?

Back again with me @rezarizkii I will share the beauty of flowers to you all. This flower I photograph in front of my house using my Xiaomi redminote 5 smartphone.

Meaning of interest in my opinion 😊

Flowers in Created so perfect and beautiful, all flowers will bring peace to humans, flowers can be given a symbol of happiness. Flowers that can melt a woman's heart. even a woman is blind to everything if she sees flowers. Whatever your problem to your spouse, treat them with a flower. Surely everything will be fine. Flowers have many benefits and properties in them.

I really like the flowers that exist in this nature whatever it is as long as the fragrance. Even many flowers are also beautiful but not fragrant. The flower for me is life for me when I see the flowers I am very happy and fascinated. Here is a collection of flower photos from me to you all that I photo on the page. My house







Detail Photo

Category Flowerphotography
Camera Xiaomi Redminote 5
LocationIndonesia - Lhokseumawe - Aceh

This flower I photographed for my pleasure only but because I already know steemit there is nothing wrong for me to share here every photo collection of flowers that I have. Because like my previous posts I am happy with the flowers and always happy to take photos of flowers. Hopefully can cheer the eyes of all steemian friends and can spoil the steemian eyes of it all.

I hope what I share and write this can be beneficial to all of us and especially to myself.

So many posts I am today, see you in the next post, thanks also have visited my blog. Do not forget to upvote, resteem and follow me.

Regards @rezarizkii