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Homemade bouquets are my go to gift for last minute events, almost forgotten birthdays and, of course, mother’s day. A thoughtfully arranged flowers from a garden or farm is sometimes the perfect gift for someone in grief or a just because offering. Today I made a few bouquets and wanted to share them here. First are two bouquets, one for my sister & one for the neighbor who let me harvest the yarrow from her backyard.


The flowers are hydrangeas and yarrow which have a similar round structure – they stand for beauty & boundaries. These flowers are great for friends and neighbors who are kind figures in your life. The foliage is flowering Oregano which is a sturdy and dependable herb to grow in the garden, especially in suburban neighboods.

And the second is for my beloved cat Brujula who passed away a few days ago. She was a wild cat who loved to explore trees so I included foliage from a hedgerow, lavender and hollyhock flowers – all from my parent’s backyard. So much love to you Bruju!! 💚🐈💚

bouquet for Brujula


Very nice! Too bad about your cat. :((

thanks! I miss her so much but I know that she had a super happy life though sadly too short.

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