The Gradual Approach of Spring in My Yard

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April 2: The first flowers of spring are always the Siberian squill. I wish I had more of them.


April 9: The hyacinths are barely starting to open. And there's a cheery dandelion in the background.

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April 9: The fern-leaf bleeding heart is also just beginning to bloom.

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April 18: Hyacinths are now in full bloom.

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April 18: Grape hyacinths are also in bloom.


May 1: The fern-leaf bleeding heart is in full bloom now.

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May 1: The lupine plants are growing nicely. I just planted them last summer, when they were spindly little starts I got from my daughter.

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May 1: The bleeding heart is just beginning to bloom. My son bought me this plant in 2007 when he was doing seasonal work at a greenhouse. It thrives here under the stairs, near the basement door.


May 6: Daffodils in bloom! These are my favorite spring flowers. I love their cheery yellow color. This batch has rather short stems, to my surprise. Perhaps it's a particular variety.


May 6: The short iris are blooming nicely. They began about a week earlier. This particular color actually smells like root beer.
No kidding.


May 11: The lupines are starting to bloom now. The squill and hyacinths are done, and the short iris are winding down. I can't take credit for carefully planning it this way, but it's nice to have a succession of flowers blooming in the spring.


My favorite is the daffodils: they look like they are posing for you! I got outside today for a nice walk (finally). The grass is so green! Spring it is.

Daffodils are my favorite spring flower, with pansies running a close second.

I'm so focused on veggies this year, I haven't taken a single shot of flowers. Gonna have to do that. Nice flowers, and lucky you!

I am pleased when perennials keep coming back year after year. Sometimes it doesn't work out that way; I've had troubles with daffodils only blooming the first year.

Who needs a calendar when you have plants? I wish there were more wild flowers around where I live.

I plan to do a wildflowers post soon. Been rather busy....with the garden!