Street food... Comfort food!

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Hah! I'm long overdue for a food post!
Been ages since I posted food......

And we Malaysians love our food!
Ask any Malaysian...

One definite thing we all missed during the quarantine period was our street food... EVERYONE must have been dreaming of all their favourites, while putting up with their own cooking! 😄

Well, maybe just me

Many were experimenting with all sorts of online recipes and sharing them on social media... - you mean you weren't...?!! 😏

Anyway, now that dining out is allowed... last Sunday this was what we did ~ sis, niece and I... we indulged... in all our tea time goodies! And we Malaysians have lots of tea time goodies...

Being multi-racial gives us that advantage! 😉😁

Without further ado... salivate read on...


First of all, giving niece the license (and money!)
to go buy the goodies may have been a mistake...
Albeit a delicious one!
She has many favourites.... many...
Not that we don't appreciate it
We ended up stuffed after our "indulgence"!

'Putu Piring' and 'Onde onde' in the photo above are two
More on them below


Before we start...
We are seated at our local neighbourhood hangout...
Our mamak, who isn't really 'mamak' but a (Hindu) Indian eatery that serves everything a mamak restaurant does!
See the confusion...
Never mind!
(Read the 'mamak' link above and you might see the light)
Why here?
Because it's in the immediate neighbourhood
Because we're comfortable here - like our second-home comfortable
and because they like us!
So much so they let us (and all other customers) bring other food there and just order their drinks
They make wonderful drinks btw
They know we love them so, and will eat their food at other times anyway!

As the photo hints, I have my iced lemon tea in front of me...


'Onde onde'
Is a type of 'kueh'/'kuih' -
Snack, is the easiest explanation of what a 'kuih' is
Kinda rice cake / mochi ball rolled in scraped coconut with hidden palm sugar!
Just put the whole thing in your mouth and be ready...
Bite it, chew it... and keep your mouth closed!
You will either get an explosion of liquid ecstasy from the palm sugar,
or a chunk of the palm sugar to nibble on
Biting it would cause the explosion to occur outside your mouth
(and most likely all over yourself!)

Don't say I didn't warn you...
The colour is usually natural from screwpine ('pandan') and maybe with a little help from some food colouring


'Pisang goreng'
Banana fritters (deep fried)
We have many types of bananas and many types of batter
Crispy crunchy, or feather light tempura-style even!
Errr.... obviously I caught this shot a little late
Fast hands make fast disappearing food...

Ohhh, I forgot to mention that these 'kuih' are usually street food sold at a row of stalls that pop up most evenings a short distance away from our mamak
See the convenience...?!!


'Putu piring'
Made from rice flour steamed with a mix of shredded coconut
and palm sugar
Somehow same ingredients as onde onde, but comes out tasting completely different!
Looks different too, doesn't it!
Served sitting on a little bed of coconut,
on a little square of banana leaf


My half share of a regular doughnut and an orange muffin!
Drat! That's not totally Malaysian
(How did this get here?)
Well, it qualifies as it was what we had for tea on Sunday too...


'Keropok lekor'
A fish cracker snack made with fish and sago flour,
originating from the east coast of peninsular Malaysia
You can't miss it if you're in the area...
Cut in two styles
Chunky and crunchy long slices
They each have their loyal following
(I like the crunchy slices better, but will eat both!)
Eat it dipped in the sweet chili sauce provided


One last look at the tantalising onde onde...

There are tons more other types of 'kuih'
And we might just have another session next Sunday...

Captured with SONY Xperia M5 | ©images & text my own | click image for fullscreen view

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Did I miss snack time again? You are always eating! With treats like these, i would be too!! Love those banana fritters!

Hi, AC!

Upped and reposted


Lol... we are Malaysians afterall! Lol... there's more, and even more.... That's what most visitors say when in Malaysia - so much food... lol! It's a well-known fact! Those banana fritters are indeed well-loved! :)

Many thanks, Denise!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 11 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Oh, all this looks delicious! I love to eat. I would like to see their taste right now! nice day and nice shots! Congratulations my friend..

Thank you!
Yes, you'll enjoy these... :)

Greetings @ackhoo. I miss murtabak, you're right, Malaysian street food is so good. I'm partial to Indian flavors.

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Haha... me too! Indian I mean... :)
That reminds me - haven't had a murtabak in ages...

Yummy, that is exactly what they look like with your excellent photography. Those banana fritters were my late mom's favourite.

Good to hear life is going back to somewhat normal in your region, have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing @ackhoo

Awwww... Thank you for your compliment - am humbled...
Those banana fritters are very tempting, one of those can't-put-them-down-once-you-start thingys.... lol

Hope things are picking up on your side too...
Have a wonderful day, @joanstewart! :)

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You know the one good thing while the covid-19 and the lockdowns in Thailand we were still allowed out till 10 pm at night and all them yummy street vendors were still selling i was so happy that they were still selling 👍

Lucky you! We had various stages - initially all essential services shops closed at 8pm, no street stall or street food. Everything within closed premises, then more shops and opening times were extended til 10pm... and now dine-ins allowed and open til 12 midnight, and street stalls permitted to open.

Every government acted differently i suppose today we just got news that all nightlife clubs and bars will be open on July 1 st and to close at mid-night but it will be a slow as there are no tourist in the country it will probably cost them more to have them open then profit wise.