Imitation Crab Salad That I Can literally Eat All Day

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Surimi, or imitation crab, is usually found in American sushi and I know not many people like it. Trust me, I love real crab and can eat my weight of crab legs dipped in butter but imitation crab is great for salads.
Dice some celery, finely dice a red onion and add to a package of shredded imitation crab. Boil and cool some ditalini pasta and mix it all with 2 parts sour cream to one part mayo. Add mustard, salt and pepper to taste and a squirt of lemon and voila!

Eat it up!

I like to eat mine with Ritz crackers and yes I had this for lunch and dinner because with the warm Santa Ana winds that sneaked up on us no way was I going to make soup (which is what I had originally planned on doing).
Tomorrow the cold weather here in So Cal returns so it might be soup day after all. How is the weather in your neck of the woods?
May your home be filled with warmth, your pantry full and may you always have good health!
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I've grown to enjoy the imitation. Real crab is too rich for me en masse and growing up on the lower end of middle I learned to like the packaged stuff. I've used it in plenty of hot pasta dishes diced nice and fine. Works best in white sauces I think.

We did turkey salad sandwiches for dinner tonight with our homegrown turkey and celery on my bread. Something about a summer style dish in the winter is always a nice change. I need to do a turkey pasta salad next now seeing what you made.

Yes crab w white butter sauces is the way to go!!! So funny you mention turkey pasta salad because I use the same bass when I add turkey instead of crab! The only difference is I add chopped cranberries, slivered almonds and tarragon to it! Enjoy!

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